New Mobile Game Lineage 2M Latest News! Continuing the myth of mobile MMORPG?

Every time new information from Lineage 2M is released, I’m very excited to see the release date approaching. lol
Recalling the fun I had with my older brothers and sisters, I’m looking forward to the release date from day to day. 🙂
It was connected to the bloodline that we were with at the time, and we still had a strong friendship that allowed us to share our daily lives in Dankookbang.
I’m so happy to be back together again just because of the news that Lineage 2M will be released as a new mobile game.
But if you look at the pace of the increase in the number of pre-bookings, it seems that there are quite a few people waiting for us, as well as the entire nation.

At 2Nd IMPACT, a showcase event for Lineage 2M, on September 5, you were impressed as a user waiting for the release date.
“I will show you the technical skills that I can’t keep up with for the next few years,” said Kim Taek-jin, CCO.The confidence that
I’m excited to show you a new history of the mobile MMORPG market again. 🙂
Personally, when I heard that full 3D 4K UHD graphics were basically implemented.
I’m looking forward to seeing the most overwhelming quality of the existing mobile MMORPG.

And I was going to apply crash-treatment technology, and this is going to be really interesting.
It’s not that when characters hit each other, they don’t pass through, they don’t pass through.
I think this will make you feel more realistic and more immersive.
In case of a scanning system that helps you target monsters, rivals, and hostile blood allies more easily,
I’m looking forward to helping you engage in strategic battles in the direction I want.

I think we’ve all seen the above Lineage 2M’s Cinematic trailer video by now.
When the video was released for the first time, I was happy as a fan because it was filled with 4 minutes. 🙂
At first, it was a village that looked a little peaceful. Soon the connection to the tense battle with the Orcs was very exciting.
Especially, the roar of a large-scale battle filled the last part of the video… I even felt thrilled for a moment.
Now, you’re showing off more than 4,000 hits!! If you haven’t seen it yet, I recommend that you press the Play Video button.

Now that I’ve seen the cinematic video, I can imagine the vast open world.
The way to get all the worlds on foot, plus the appeal of the 3D landscape, will enrich the adventure.
It would be fun to venture out here and there alone, but I think it would be much more fun if we made a connection and left together. 🙂
In order to do that, we need to actively express our opinions to the users we met through the fields and the lads.
Before my vast adventure, I’m already wondering where I’m going to meet my first companion.

Maybe we’ll meet at Gloudio, the place where we start our great journey.
A few days ago on September 26, the three continents, Grecia, Aden, and Elmore, were first unveiled.
Of all the different parts of the Aden Continent, the first appearance of the land of Gloudio was revealed.
It may have been made public simply because it’s a low-level area.
Personally, I think this place means something because it’s the place where all the users start their adventures.
And Gorebel’s Langer, which will be born in the future, is also the beginning of history from this very gluedio.

It wasn’t just the whole picture of the land.
It was great to see images, representative monsters, NPCs, descriptions and more in detail.
Do you know the history of the town of Gluedo?
This area, which has always been invaded by outsiders, consists of people who even lived in the surrounding villages who guarded the castle with their own weapons.
Personally, the town of Gloudio is very meaningful to me.
I remember having fun here when we had blood alliance meetings.

If you look at the hunting ground, the first place you’ll be fighting will be the lion’s head hill, right?
The sight of the ship entering the harbor made me feel excited.
Originally, it was a port that flourished in the past, but as it went through war, it became less manageable.
And as a result, we found monsters like wild boars and worker Weirs.
It’s as quality as the original version. I think it reassured us that we inherited the emotion that we wanted.

Once it’s officially opened, it’ll raise the level by hunting monsters in abandoned campsites, right?
The recommended level for abandoned campsites is 14 to 16 levels, which is relatively easy to find.
I heard that the monsters that appear are the Ole Marquis, the All Marquis, and the All Marquis.
The funny thing is, this is actually the camp where the real people were stationed.
As the Grecia army retreats, it’s naturally abandoned, and the Marquis are using this place as their home.
The next time you enter a hunting ground, I think it would be a little fun to find traces of soldiers and nurture them.

In the case of the abandoned temple, the air from the entrance is still fresh and the appearance of the temple will never come out again.
At first glance, it looks like a lay dungeon dedicated to the high level.
When we check the recommended level, it looks like it’s a section where low-level users pass by.
But I thought it was a bit different from other fields. I saw an object that was supposed to be a portal.
The fact that there’s a portal means it’s teleported somewhere!
Wouldn’t the temple be the first low-level party instant dungeon?! I thought I’d do it.
Lineage 2M is different from the previous mobile MMORPG, which considered party play as neglectful
I’ve shown you a system that emphasizes the importance of party play! (Skills Target Systems, etc.)
I suspect that the abandoned temple was carefully designed to allow users to experience party play from the low level!

You can see the Turek Oak Campground. For the Tourek Oak Camp,
In the last showcase event, there was also a glimpse of hunting.
When I saw a lot of items being dropped at the time,
Don’t you think we can do a good job here? I’m expecting a small amount.
It is home to monsters such as Chertuba of the Great Soul, Turek Oak, and Turek Oak Priests.
Chertuba of the Great Soul. Wouldn’t he give you a good item?

And then if you raise the level to a certain extent, you’ll naturally enter the ant hole, right?
Personally, ant cave is fun to hunt with unique atmosphere. This area I’ve preferred before.
And if you get a lot of good items here, it’s been very helpful for you.
Even in the glu-dio formed at such a low level, it is considered one of the most powerful hunting grounds.
The queen ant that lives in the innermost part of the cave, and I want to try and find out how strong it can be.

The wasteland is an area that cannot be passed by. I’m looking through the moorland.
Don’t you wonder how this place became an area where life couldn’t live?
Many years ago, the ivory tower’s wizards used Kranbel’s mantra to seal Bereth.
The purpose of the seal was achieved, but the side effects of the seal caused it to become a wilderness.
But there are creatures that are reproducing here. Widespread basilla, white captain of Elmoaden, moorland guardian ant, etc.
Now, with only modified organisms remaining, it’s become a very dangerous area. It’s recommended for 26 to 31 levels.
As it is a vast wilderness with not a lot of waste material, I entered without preparation.I think we could be surrounded by monsters going.
So it’s a more nervous and attractive area.

Just looking around the gluedio grounds, it was a lot of fun. Haha
In fact, if it’s not blog posting, I think we can solve the memories we’ve had for more than an hour in the gluedio field.
If you look around the current World Map, you can see Dion, Giran, Aden, Orange, Inadrill, etc.
Various areas are also marked as “coming order.” I think it’s going to be released step by step
If you look at the gluedio, you’ll see a lot of quality and maps, but if you come to an area that’s still open…
Not even Gretia and Elmore are open to the public yet.
I felt again that there was a world that was so vast that I couldn’t imagine.
It’s amazing to be able to venture all these places on foot without loading.

I’m sure you’re curious about the benefits of the Lineage 2M pre-booking, the Spirit Coal Box consisting of 100,000 Adenas and 1,000 Spirit Ammunition.
And as a special edition, the ring for the successor to the Chronicle will be paid.
And because pre-bookings are being made simultaneously in two markets, Google Play and App Store,
Apply for your platform and get an additional 500 Spirit bombs, right?
Especially for the ring of the successor to the Chronicle, this is a special edition, so if you miss this reservation,
There is a high probability that the item cannot be acquired again, and depending on the presence or absence of the item,
You should participate in this pre-booking because it may change the pace of your early growth.
The record-breaking 3 million people in five days in advance seems to signal the emergence of the most historic new mobile game.

And if you share the cinematic video that I uploaded on top of you on social media,
I can look forward to various gifts. Galaxy Note 10 256GB 5G!! Remember~
It’s not just one person, but I think I can expect small things from 10 people 🙂
And in case of Google Gift Card’s 50,000-won reward, it’s going to shoot as many as 1,000 people out loud. This isn’t really going to win! lol
While participating in the video sharing event, it would be nice to wait for a new area to be unveiled. Thank you for reading it.

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