It has released a masterpiece that was waiting for Eos Red and recommended RPG for a new mobile game.

For users who have played Eos online before,
No one would have expected Eos Red to be reborn as a new mobile game this year.
Since it was recreated with the famous original IP, I expected it would be long enough to live for more than a few years if the quality was good.
Finally, it was officially opened on August 28th, and on that day, it was ranked 1st place in the physical
I could see that a lot of people had been waiting for me, and I also started playing, looking forward to getting a mobileRPG recommendation.

Let’s look at the characters that we can create. You can choose between Archer, Warrior, or SOSERIS.
It looks like another new job will be added in future updates. 🙂
In my case, in the past character preoccupation event, I had already chosen a career.
Because I wanted to feel the heavy fighting in the field hunt.
Later on, I thought I should express the masculinity of the Warrior as a custom.

Personally, before Eos Red officially opened, the most curious thing was the story.
If I hadn’t played the original, I wouldn’t have been curious about the story.
I’m curious to hear that you’re continuing with the Eos online worldview and are talking about 50 years from now.
So I’m focusing on each NPC conversation and enjoying the conversation.
It was fun to see the world 50 years from now, and it became quite interesting.

I thought I’d be living a long life with the recommendation of MobileRPG for quite some time to come
The reason is that the trading system was activated very freely.
Because this is very important, I think it has a great connection to user satisfaction.
No matter how good an item comes out, if I keep it by myself, it’s definitely worth less.
Not only the contents of the exchange, but it also allows us to do 1:1 transactions directly with other users, so I thought it would be a long run.

So it’s clear that field hunting has become even more fun.
As I continued to hunt, I realized that when I came out with good items one by one, I could have a lot
In fact, most games these days, you have to choose to get a good item.
Of course, you have to pay a fee to participate, so when you get to a certain level, it’s actually hard to nurture without paying.
That’s why Eos Red is so good, and weapons and defenses are only available on the field, which maximizes the fun of hunting.

But there’s a part that you need to know. Even if you kill another user, the item will be dropped.
In other words, the PK system only has a lot of chewy fun.
That’s why I always keep on hunting fields, but I keep feeling the right tension. 🙂
Unknowingly, there seems to be a series of strange neurotic episodes between users.
And I thought, sooner or later, there’s going to be a big battle in the guild.

Fortunately, I don’t have any users who have walked PKs to me yet, but I’m not going to get that much of a lot
Of course, if it’s possible at my own level, I’m going to fight back and protect myself.
It’s not high-level yet, so if you’re in a situation where you can’t help it, I’m going to put that user on the wanted list.
It’s quite refreshing to bet on a bounty because other users can get their revenge.
If the level goes up later, it would be fun for me to become a bounty hunter and emerge as a dark horse in PK?

In order to do that, I have to work hard to nurture my Level-up speed is showing a moderate level.
I think it’s rather disturbing to be a one-up job for every single quest.
And if you get too much experience, you get bored. 🙂
It’s easy to level up while clearing the quests. I think it’ll be fun to stay strong in the next year
And there will be new content and various battlefields.

There will be a variety of dungeon contents that can be challenged in anticipation of rewards.
Boss Dunn has a big scale presence with up to 70 users.
You can also see Dungeon such as Tower of Challenge and Colosseum with PvE Dungeon, where only the strong can survive to the end.
Since then, we’ve been waiting for battles like the Battle of Yeongji and Gongseong.
From now on, Eos Red has a lot of fun.

Note that in the case of a skill system, achieving a certain level does not automatically open.
This is done by learning directly from the skill book.
So even if you’re nurturing the same jobs as other users, the skills you’re using can be slightly different.
I think this is what makes character development interesting.
According to the current community, there are ways to attack each profession. So, you can play with this aspect.

And in order to be strong, the equipment must be strengthened.
You can feel a little bit of chewiness in the step-by-step process.
So we can continue to move towards higher combat capabilities. 🙂
+6 Because it is a safe passage to Ganghwa,
If possible, I’d like to set all items of equipment up to the minimum of +6.

And with a system that’s going to be loved in the future, I’m going to check out the pet system.
We start with a regular pet, like a wolf, an anteater, a spider, a jellyfish.
Legendary white tiger, Gryphon, and mythological Phoenix will attract users’ desire to collect them.
These various pets increase the character’s ability (speed of attack, attack, additional experience, etc.).
As I learn my skills, I think I’ll become an important growth system like character-building.

I went to the official cafe, and I was able to check out the official opening ceremony.
From August 28th to September 19th, you can collect ‘Terminal vouchers’ from hunting and buy the items you want.
List of items you can see include Levina’s earring-making coupons and rare pet card boxes.
Advanced Equipment Box, Armament Enhancement Order Box, Defense Equipment Enhancement Order Box, Jewelry Enhancement Order Box, Wide Soul, etc.
I can buy it, so I’ll hunt continuously for two weeks and collect the adventurers’ vouchers as hard as I can.

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