I’m going to make a reservation for the Arcana Taekkyeon mobile game

I’ve been watching the last 10 games of Game Ordinance with interest.
And the indie game company that I’ve been focusing on in there is Tikitaka Studio.
At that time, when I won the third prize, I became known to many people.
I first got to know Tikitaka Studio at that time.
Further research shows that the 2019 Indicraft, which was held in May, was selected as a great game.
The award-winning performance of various competitions seems to prove that he is a good fighter.

As Tikitaka Studios announced that it will release ‘Arkana Taekwondics,’ it’s already emerging as an expected movie.
Tikitaka Studios is said to be developing with a small number of talented people and strong organizational skills.
It’s more reliable to hear that we’re planning to exchange close feedback with our users. 🙂
I read an article about Arcana Tottics, which is currently pre-booking mobile games, and
I thought it was going to be quite a hit with different fun elements from other RPGs.

First of all, we will be able to meet eight different kinds of heroes.
I think we can lead strategic fun in a variety of ways, depending on how we combine them.
Since you have to choose every moment while playing, the role of users seems to be quite important.
You can clear up all the quests, and you can make up for it.
Characters seem to be a pretty important way to go about evolution, considering the synergy effect.

You can see the cute characters at first glance.
The battle seems to have been quite exciting and yet brilliantly brought about.
I think it’s an extreme sense of combat that has enriched the visual enjoyment.
It was interesting to hear that the main characters were cute and cute SD characters.
The names of the characters have not yet been released.
Some characters already have eyes on my taste.

When I made the character, I think I put a lot of effort into the illustration.
It’s a great power of top-class people.
I think it will improve the satisfaction of many people as they show different charms.
Each one of the illustrations is made in high quality. This part is amazing.
Thinking about how to organize my party with them would be a pretty happy concern.

And in case of content, there are a lot of parts that have been released.
Starting with a story dungeon where you can enjoy the story while being immersed in it.
a battleground that strategically forms a party to overpower the enemy,
It’s going to be fun to go after a powerful monster.
Dungeons of the week can be filled with abundant rewards from day to day.
In addition, there are a lot of fun elements that you can enjoy by having a party, such as an expedition, so I’m looking forward

And the other thing that’s worth noting is that we’ve adopted a random combination system.
For random combinations, it’s been loved by PC platforms for a long time.
In this case, the mania layer is formed, and the entry barrier is increased.
But now that we’ve been able to do this system easily for mobile game platforms,
Rather, you’ll be able to enjoy strategic RPGs with the fun of random combinations.
There are a lot of things that I’m looking forward to.

I think it’s time to make a reservation for a mobile game.
I also wanted to enjoy the fun of battle with cute SD characters.
As a reward of 100%, 1 5-star character and 3 4-star characters will be given.
From one legend, 300 ancient coins, and 300 jewels, you can see a rich-looking plot.
Personally, I was a little touched by the fact that I was going to give you a five-star character like this from the beginning.
From the beginning of the play, I expect it will be of great help to make the team quite powerful.

Arcana Taekkyeon. What kind of fun do you have? I’ve always been watching him with interest.
As it’s from Tikitaka Studios, I want to enjoy it quickly.
Fortunately, it’s scheduled to be released sometime in September this month, so we can’t wait too long.
I think I’ll be able to play it sooner than I thought. 🙂
If you want to feel the strategic battle with unique characters, let’s make a reservation before long.

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