Recommend the latest mobile game Myr’s legend 2 Ergain’s sensibility

Last week, on August 27, Myr’s Legend 2 Again was officially opened with considerable attention.
Did you miss the memories? Since the first day of the opening, many users have gathered. 🙂
Famous strippers & BJs also jumped into character-building, and I think the formal opening was a success.
In general, the user’s reaction was overwhelming, saying, “I enjoyed the original sensibility.”
I’m looking forward to another piece of good news in the near future, as we’re also fast moving into the top of the store’s charts.

I’m trying to create a character, but I can see some familiar jobs. 🙂
You can see the three classes that appeared in the original.
You can start by creating characters from warriors, drinkers, or masters.
In my case, I was trying to play like that again because I was the main character a long time ago.
In this Myr legend 2 Again, I want to have a fun that’s different. I’m going to enjoy drinking.

Ha… Is it true that tears cover your eyes as soon as you start?
I was able to recall the nostalgia that I played in the original movie. I was very emotional.
Seriously, you don’t have to change the graphics for the sake of the modern era, or change the graphics.
I wanted to compliment you as a long-time user.
We were able to see the familiar fields, graphics, monsters, items, and even Gongseongjeon. crying
That’s why I’m recommending the latest mobile game.

It’s not just class names, it’s recreating the skills you use.
In my case, I’m making it into a drunk character, Myr’s Legend 2 and I’m having
I’m very satisfied with my long range skills. 🙂
Because I want to play field hunting hard in the future,
I thought I could lead the game by using the skills I have.

I’m walking around the fields, and I’m feeling a lot
The fun of getting quests and performing missions, hunting monsters, and raising character levels.
And above all else. Fun to think about the memories of the original story!!
Mongchon Pilgrimage, the highlight song, the oma cave, etc. were well implemented.
So I went from field to field, and whenever I faced a monster, I was glad to see him.

Before I went to lead the boss, I was very nervous.
I mean, at the time, the bosses were the ones who had the kind of force that I couldn’t stand for.
Someday, I promised to become a go-level player and hit it.
But now, I can finally make my dream come true.
The various bosses that made me nervous!! I was excited to jump into the ladle like King Umyeon, King Tottongshin and King Zuma.

Funny about PK seems to be an issue as well. PK, too, makes MMORPG fun.
I was satisfied that there were no limited places to play PK, and it was played on virtually every field.
I mean, it’s good to be able to keep a moderate level of tension in the field hunt, yum.
Sometimes, PKs are rampant. Sometimes they fight each other’s strength and lead to big battles.
Of course, I’m a pacifist, but I wouldn’t be left alone if you were arguing with me.

Now, let’s note, who will boast an edge in the siege? This is what I think.
I think the Battle of Gongseong is the flower of the battle we’ve been waiting for.
Since there’s a fierce battle between the gateways over the four provinces, it would be fun just to see it.
Sungjoo’s seat in Gongseongjeon is still vacant. It’s already fun to watch.
Since we’re going to start at 8 p.m. tonight, let’s take a look at what’s going to happen!!

Actually, in a way, the original is too old. Don’t you think there’s something inconvenient about playing?
I think you might be worried about this way But so that everyone can easily adapt and foster their characters.
I could feel how kindly the whole system was implemented.
This part will help us continue to bring in new users. 🙂
So I started running at about 60 to 70 levels at the same time.

Because I feel like I already have a lot of content to check
I thought I could live a long life while maintaining this popularity. 🙂
Because there are so many things to enjoy when there is a lot of content
As you foster your character, you’re not bored. You can enjoy a colorful battle.
The more you go to the level, the more things you can enjoy, the more you want to raise the level with a steady stream of incubation every day.

There are so many events going on. As the rewards and benefits of each event are very good,
That’s why you have to work hard from the beginning of the season. 🙂
Because it’s the official cafe that organizes all these event news.
If you’re going to continue to play, I think you should sign up for a public car
I wrote a letter promoting Moonpa until September 8th, and I also made a raffle to give them a Moonpa gifts.

And during this Sunday through September 8th,
There’s a personal boss red moon treatment event going on. If you’re interested, please join us.
If you sign up at the official cafe after you eliminate the red moon,
I heard you’re going to draw five users and shoot a reward of 5,000 won for Google Gift Card. 🙂
We still have plenty of time, so please enjoy it and leave us with your certification after getting rid

If you search for Myr’s Legend 2 Again on YouTube, there are a lot of videos that are being produced by themselves.
As much as I recommend the latest mobile game, I think it’s MMORPG that’s the most emerging trend these days. 🙂
Like the first generation MMORPG, which also has a long history of orthodoxy, I think everyone was missing.
So if you’re curious about the fun that only the first generation of authentic MMORPGs have.
Or, if you want to experience the fun of the original, please download it and foster your character.

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