Attack Origin of the Three Kingdoms! I’ll show you what a real strategy game is.

With the official opening of the Three Kingdoms Origin, which can play around national matches,
Now it seems that the boundaries of each power are becoming clearer.
Now you can download from all three major markets: Google Play Store, App Store, and One Store.
As users from all over the world develop more and more, I love the tension that I lol
From now on, I think it’s going to be a strategy game fight. 🙂
I’m growing up in the O’Nara, and I’m working hard to win our country.
If you know it while playing, I’ll try to solve some good attacks.

For the Three Kingdoms Origin, you know, it’s a SLG game.
Therefore, the need to expand territory from the beginning to the second half should be built on a basic basis.
“If we’ve built this much, we’ll be able to focus on the production of our soldiers now, won’t we have to start with the development of our territory?””
I’m telling you, you shouldn’t have these thoughts. 🙂
You can enjoy the true fun of the war when you have a certain amount of fighting power, while steadily expanding your territory.

In order to build a building, the answer is not fixed.
The main quest at the bottom is fully serving as a guide.
In the beginning, the range of buildings available for construction is not wide, so it’s better to focus on the main quest.
And then, if you get to know the current, you develop it around the official residence.
This is because the level of the official residence will affect the maximum level of other buildings.
There’s also a role in the official residence, where you can activate the title, and you can read important history books.

The building that can train soldiers is a barracks.
It’s a direct link to the nation’s fighting power, so it’s good to take care of it a little bit more carefully.
As there are various types of soldiers, the barracks are also divided into ‘Gung Byoung-jin’, ‘Sul Byoung-jin’, ‘Ki Byoung-jin’, and ‘Bae Byoung-jin.’
If you level up the barracks, the good reason is, the training speed, the quantity, the inventory maximum,
And since the soldiers’ skills are strengthened, you’ll be able to increase your fighting power much more efficiently, right?

So, what are the characteristics of soldiers according to their disease here?
At first, I didn’t know anything about it. I was desperate to increase the number of soldiers. But I didn’t have to be impatient by myself.
In the case of archers, as well as the long-distance soldiers who shoot arrows, it can damage all enemy soldiers.
And in the case of firecrackers used by the archers, we need to make sure that our forces have the upper hand in the early stages of the battle.
It’s a big help, so in a way, it’s an indispensable force.

In the case of a drunk, the skill alone is very powerful enough to cause great damage to the enemy.
It also has the strongest control in the disease.
The advantage of infantry is that it has the highest defense. It’s not as powerful as any other species,
It’s the most basic and most important thing to do because it’s a very defensive and stable battle.
The cavalry, like a horseman, must be the fastest? The cavalry is capable of a quick pre-emptive strike.
If you know the characteristics of all these different types of disease, you can see a little bit of how the battle will go.

Next, the place to invite the heroes is a tavern. You’re supposed to be drinking makgeolli with other heroes, right?
Now, I’ve collected quite a variety of heroes.
Guan Yu, Gyeonhui, Jangyo, Huge, Macho, Equipment, Sun Wook, Ha Hoo-yeon, Jeon Ji-won, Sun-yu, Homeless, Ha Hoo-pae, Madae, Zhugeun, Handang, Yohwa, Jang-Hae!!
I’ve listed all my current heroes. 🙂
I think the reason why the Three Kingdoms Origin is so good is that you can invite heroes regardless of which country you choose.
So, I’ve collected my favorite longevity in each country.

Note that in the case of longevity, it is not necessarily only available at the tavern.
If only I could get it from the tavern, I wouldn’t have that many heroes already, would I?
Sometimes you get a long life even when you play content like story or quests.
Personally, I love this system, don’s.
Because you don’t have to pay a certain amount of money to collect a hero at a bar,
In a nutshell, it means that users who are free of charge can organize the longevity.
In the case of a tavern, it’s a place that’s headed for a more diverse range of
It’s good to know this part lightly.

The maximum level of longevity is also involved in the level of the official residence.
To raise the skill level of longevity, you need a piece of skill, but the process requires a silver lining.
You don’t feel like you’re wasting silverware when you’re learning one or two skills.
If I continue to learn skills while nurturing long-term people, the silver will run out faster than I thought.
So, I felt a lot of need for a currency factory that created the silver.
Sometimes I’m going to clear the quests, and I’m really grateful to you for giving me

As I’ve been looking for a long life, I’m getting more and more satisfied with my line-up.
In the case of longevity, you can activate your special skills depending on how you combine them.
That’s why it’s important to collect as many people as possible.
And as long-lived people generate synergies through a system of destiny,
It’s important to take advantage of these areas and lead the battle to victory.

Up to level 8, we were able to raise the level of official residence by developing national buildings.
In order to reach level 9 from level 8 to level 8, it is only possible to achieve a position of generosity.
We’ll take this opportunity to concentrate on our management because we can also benefit from characterization.
Three of the conditions for achieving generosity are to achieve six levels of infantry, six thousand merit, four heroes, and five or more.
I could’ve been more comfortable with it. There’s only 10 political affairs left.

For political affairs, press the Quest button at the bottom of the screen to see the first item.
You can basically do it five times a day.
You can pick up one of the three different quests and do your job.
Considering where the heroes are today, you can choose a quick and simple quest.
But I don’t have a difficult difficulty. So I usually just hit the first one.

It happened that the execution of political affairs overlaps with the main quest mission.
We’ll raise the level of the official residence, get compensation, and perform the main quest. In a way, it’s three birds with one stone.
It’s a simple political system that evaluates when you’re rewarded.
It’s a system where you can evaluate your hard work and get more compensation.
It’s my first time to be recognized for my skills, so I feel great. lol
The more I play, the more I feel like I’m living in that era.
I think it’s a differentiated fun that I couldn’t feel in other games.

Do you receive 7-day access compensation every day? Bonus items are given every day just by accessing them.
Even if you’re really busy, you should check attendance.
You can get enough resources to develop.
This is because you can grow heroes quickly through your experience books.
And since everyone’s favorite gold is paid, should diligent access be the road to rapid development?

With seven days’ worth of connection compensation, I have a wish to receive it every day.
In this case, the seven-day connection reward is a slightly different event than the seven-day connection reward.
Every day, you can choose the items you want to receive.
If you wish to receive the items you want, you will receive the event tomorrow.
We are working hard to reinforce our power by wishing for items like the Golden Rule and Makgeolli.

There’s a lot of competition here and there, but I don’t think the real war has started yet.
I’m really looking forward to the national match.
Judging from the current atmosphere, there’s going to be a big war soon enough for all the users to go crazy!!
By then, we’ll be doing our best in every country so that we won’t be able to yield a single step.
I think I should go after Origin of the Three Kingdoms hard to join the national team.
You could be the main force behind a major war, so enjoy it together.

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