Lineage M smartphone game ranking is still strong and Gongseongjeon Power?

It just rained in Seoul today. After a long time, I felt like I had a hole in the sky. shivering
I guess the long heat wave is finally over.
When I saw that I didn’t turn on the air conditioner in the morning and evening, I could feel that autumn was coming.
My favorite mobile MMORPG, Lineage M, is also getting ready to spend the summer.
For those of you who beat the heat, a small event is going on.
We can participate lightly and enjoy a variety of special buffs and benefits, so we’re going to try it out.

For the warrior who has defeated the heat, characters of over 60 levels can participate.
The conditions for participation in the event are so simple~ Just spend 100 times of Einhasad’s blessing.
In the case of Einhassad’s blessing, it’s naturally consumed by hunting.
For users who have been hunting like they usually eat, it feels like an event that’s really easy to participate in.
The reward you can get for this one-dayQuest Sunny.

You’ll have one hour of buff to beat the heat.
Maximum HP +100, maximum MP +50 increments, and you get 100 sunspots when the buff is finished.
I need you to pay attention to this piece of sunlight that you get here. ᄒᄒ I’ll explain in a little bit.
For your information, in this case, if you die while hunting, it won’t go away
Also, it’s not released by the canvas magic, so please feel safe.
Since it’s a daily quest, I hope you’ll continue to participate every day and enjoy the buff benefits. I hope you collect a piece of sunlight.


Then, what is a piece of sunlight here?! If you go to the event merchant Sunny now,
You can purchase various items using the collected sunlight pieces.
Since these items are sold only until September 4, please check your schedule carefully and enjoy the benefits.
In case of Sunny’s glitzy box, where only one can be purchased per account, there’s an earring exchange certificate for the roomies,
You can get one of snapper’s ring cards, shiny T-shirts, and Su-ho’s seal boxes.
Since we only have one purchase per account, of course we have to make a purchase, right?

And during the event period, you can buy one from Sunny every day.
If you collect 20 pieces, you can make a rare change card box using them as a material. It’s pretty stupid, isn’t it?
This event, in fact, is a very rare transformation card.
Because it’s our last chance! I feel like I should never miss the chance.
While participating in daily quests every day from now on, I feel like we need to gather steadily.
In case of sunsculpture, you can get Einhassad’s blessing if you burn it. It’s easy to participate.

And today I came to the land of the abandoned.
Burland is really, really. It’s a popular dungeon. It’s a popular dungeon. 🙂
He always goes in without pressure, hunting as much as he wants. lol
In case of special dungeon, there is a fixed amount of time available in a day
Users with a level range should make the most of it every day.
You can quickly raise your experience, and Einhassad’s blessing is quickly exhausted.

In the fourth week of August, we have updated arms item enhancements.
As you reinforce your myths, legends, and hero-grade weaponry, you’ve elevated the additional mass of the specific hardening phase.
It’s been updated to give you an increase in your estates with new options.
In other words, the efficiency of reinforcement has increased! Haha
In addition, the maximum property enhancement for all class weapons and mahjong and black mislay weapons has been increased.
You’d better check these parts carefully and raise your capabilities.

And in this update, there’s some of the things that are very much praised by the current user.
It’s a level-up benefit update. From the 87th level, the character will get a level-up. 🙂
As an option to add, PvP mass production bypass has been created
As the level increases, the active value will also increase, which will help you level up further in the
Actually, it seems like I’m still a long story to the 87th level, but I’m running hard after setting my goal!!
With this level-up benefit update, even high-level users like it because it’s.

Now that I’m doing this, I’m curious about the
This summer is really Lineagem, which has always shown superiority in smartphone game rankings.
Usually, other MMORPGs tend to burn up the summer vacation season and rest a little in the fall.
But for Lineage M, it’s a constant update & event news that makes users happy.
Add to the pace of growth again this time? Or we’ll look forward to updates on exciting new content like Gongseongjeon.

I’m working on a level-up again. I’ve been enjoying my time and time again.
A few days ago, we even added a class care update.
Since I’m a user, I’ve been looking at the improvements that have been made to my characters.
For the articles you’ve been growing well these days, the skill duration of the counter Attack and Counter Barrier has increased.
The users of the article are generally satisfied.
I think Lineage M’s steady popularity is due to balance updates to keep balance.

Personally, I like the class care of dark stories.
I grew the dark knight when he came out as a cincar, but I’m focusing on him again these days.
And when I looked at the Dark Knight Class Care, I saw that the counter re-vents had a stun effect.
It also shows the increase of the probabilistic massage to the dark impact.
I think it’s time to run the Dark Knight once again. Haha
I guess I’m more attracted to close combat styles like knights and dark knights.

So, after summer vacation, Lineage M!! shows the best sales in the Google Play Store.
With the addition of a variety of large-scale updates such as Gongseongjeon, the popularity seems to continue to grow.
And we’re doing an event for the warrior who beat the heat wave that started this time
I’m going to use the blessing of Einhassad while hunting every day, and I’m going to get some bonus items by getting some sunshine pieces.
Sunny’s bright box, which can be purchased once per account, is actually a must-have item, right Thank you.

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