The new mobile game advertised by Ha Jung-woo, The Rise of Kings honest review!


just came across a short commercial. Actor Ha Jung-woo came out and asked a funny question.
“The heroes that rocked history. What if we go to war here? Aren’t you curious who’s going to win?”
It’s a question of Ha Jung-woo, who might have just laughed and passed by, but it’s also a strange curiosity.
In fact, thinking of the heroes you like, it’s a fantasy that everyone would have done once. Cleopatra and Zandark? Eulji Mundeok?
But I heard that you can find the answer to that question at Rise of Kings, which launched in Korea with the new mobile game.

No, then… The military led by General Uljimundeok, and the soldier led by Zandark, could face each other!
The Rise of Kings, which will be reviewed today, is basically an element of fun in SLG, but it’s very different from other strategy games.
It’s the emergence of world-famous heroes, and it’s the process of continuing to develop civilization just like real history.
Perhaps because of this differentiated fun factor, it’s already been so popular that it has recorded more than 26 million global downloads worldwide. 🙂
When I heard about the launch in Korea, I was very happy. I had to play it without feeling excited.

On the very first screen, we play from choosing the civilization that we’re going to lead.
You can see a total of 11 different civilizations, including Roman, German, French, Spanish, Chinese, and
Actually, I was curious about the civilization of other countries, but I chose Korea without thinking about it. 🙂
Because it’s a game that Liz of Kingdom enjoys all over the world. I feel like I want to promote my honor with a proud Korean civilization.
In the case of Korean civilization, you will meet General Uljimundeok as the early commander.
It’s said to have a 5% increase in defense, 15% increase in hospital capacity, and 3% increase in research speed.
I thought, well, we could develop civilization in a more stable and steady.

Now, let’s develop the selected Korean civilization.
I personally felt that I was different from other SLG genres from graphics as soon as I started.
When we think of the SLG genre, the portrait of the Middle Ages… You wouldn’t have to be a writer if you didn
The Rise of Kings, first of all, is a horizontal screen with a stylish graphic. I thought it looked good on the trend these days.
Especially, the fact that I expressed it differently from day to night also inspired my sense of immersion in playing.

I was wondering how many competitors there were around, so I looked everywhere.
The area we haven’t explored yet is covered with fog, so we’re excited to be able to expand our horizons gradually.
And what you can see here is that there’s a vast continent that feels like it’s looking at the Earth.
Because we do not know how much civilization will develop beyond that mountain,
We continue to expand our territory while maintaining this pleasant tension.

As we built the necessary buildings and developed them, they quickly reached the Bronze Age.
We first started with the Stone Age, and we met the Bronze Age.
The fact that we can continue to develop civilization such as ironware, darkness, and feudalism was a great thing.
It’s like I’m re-creating the history of mankind with my own hands.
Now I’m a Bronze Age civilization, but I feel like I’m going to be back in time.

Because we’re still in the early days of civilization, we haven’t had a major battle.
We’re getting compensation for killing the savages around us. You can check your strength through this process.
In the case of combat, a lot of strategic elements are involved.
Depending on the characteristics of the unit, it’s not only different from each other. You can use the terrain to target various kinds of things.
During this process, he supports various plays such as supporting our allies in crisis or attacking the enemy after ambushing them.

The role of commander in combat is very important.
Each commander has a different skill set, so the strategic elements are colorful.
In particular, you get one characteristic point each as you level up.
We can invest it in three areas: infantry unit, presence, and attack, so we can improve our capabilities.
I’m gradually improving the offensive and defensive capabilities of the entire force, first of all, by investing in the nature of the attack.

And through buildings where you can do research, you can develop economic and military technology.
We don’t need the commander’s character points for the research.
I need some time with my schedule. He decided he didn’t have to be busy with military technology from the beginning.
Now I’m putting a little more effort into the development of economic technology.
Because we can directly increase the output of each commodity, I think we can make progress as easy as that.

When I was playing, I tried to explain what I felt in the form of a light attack.
When you start at the beginning, there’s a quest on the left side of the screen.
Even if you take this step in order, you can make progress easily.
We can also get compensation for the quest, so it’s a very strong support from the beginning. 🙂
And so I’m developing civilization now, with timber and food.

And then you learn a little bit of it, and you develop it into a quest-oriented one, to a certain extent.
I decided to play the game on my own.
When you’re developing a building, you think it’s centered around the most important city hall.
To raise the level of city hall, you have to reach the minimum level of other major buildings.
Based on this, as we progress one by one, we see a growing civilization.

Finally, I want you to join the league. Now, I’m going to join a league that looks good in its own way.
They’ve been ordered there before the city.
I’m sure there are some confederates around me, so I already feel secure. 🙂
And when you develop a building, you can get it done faster because the feds can support it.
And since you can participate in the league wars that everyone expects, it’s actually a must, not a choice.

On September 20th, until 23:59, an event will be held at the official cafe.
I hope you enjoy it hard during this Chuseok, and participate in the target event.
As a reward for the event, we offer 10 people three books of three levels of knowledge and 200 pieces of jewelry
I’m writing my own small target article. I think I can upload it in the near future.
I entered the bulletin board to participate in the event. I also had a lot of useful know-how left by other users
If you visit, you’ll be very helpful in playing.

And by September 20th, 23:59, there’s an event to certify the progress of civilization.
After you’ve reached 10 levels of the city hall building, you can touch the city hall and take a screen shot of it.
You can upload the authentication photos to the official cafe.
As a reward for the event, we’ll give five mid-level resource pockets and two craftsmanship
After you reach City Hall level 10, you can even authenticate and look forward to winning.

And indeed, the Reis of Kingsdums had the fun of being in touch with the world’s civilization.
Since the Stone Age was the first of its kind, it has been a great source of growing fun.
When I imagine how far my civilization will develop in the future, I have a strange pleasure. 🙂
Because it seems like we’ve moved a new level from the traditional SLG genre.
In the future, as I joined the world war of civilization, I had a desire to be active in earnest. Haha
This posting was prepared subjectively with the help of the company.

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