Will it be a mobile action RPG legend? St. Seas: Attention, all of us!

St.S.E.: When the teaser for Awakening opened last month, I think I had a lot of excitement on my blog.
So now that I think about it, I’m sure you didn’t write it without a clue.
Anyway, come back to the subject, September 27, 2019, the one thing that was mentioned on the teaser page.
As I expected, it was the right day to announce the beginning of the reservation. (Peter)
Now that we’ve started with a lot of pre-booking events, let’s find out one by one through this post.

The funny thing is that the last teaser page marked September 27, 2019 changed to October of 1919, right?
It might have been a little bit too much for others, but given the fact that September 27th announced the start date of the pre-
I think the new October 2019 date was also marked with a specific meaning.
The next thing we do after pre-booking, I think, is that it’s going to be the official launch date that everyone is looking forward to. 🙂
I did some searches to give you more accurate information, but you actually announced plans for release sometime between the third and fourth week of October, right

Big… we’re starting to get even more excited because we don’t have much more time to release. Haha
It won’t be long before I can play with my own hands!!
I think we should make a reservation before we miss it.
As a reward, we’ll get a random pick of the 12th Palace Knights. I’m looking forward to receiving a hot character from the beginning.
I think you should be rewarded with four advanced castles, three S-class cosmos, and 200,000 St.
I’m waiting for more rewards, participating in Google Play and pre-booking on official cafes.

And I think you should participate in this battle suit event.
If you enter your date of birth, they will find you a battle suit depending on your star sign.
After sharing your recommended Battle Shoe on SNS,
If you authenticate through image or link in the official cafe, you will be able to participate in the event.
As a reward for winning the first prize, I got a gold bar for each of them. It’s amazing…
I posted it on SNS expecting to win a gold bar. I was surprised because the reaction was so explosive.

In addition, there are various products such as AirPod 2 wireless, character figures, and cultural gift certificate of 10,000 won.
Since we’re going to receive a lottery payment. The SNS sharing event method is not difficult. Please join us lightly.
When I entered my date of birth, my birthday on March 29th came out in Aries. (laughs) I don’t know.
I’m optimistic, but I have strong fighting spirit. I heard that I fall into a slump easily.
First of all, I’m happy to hear that the suit that goes well with me is Ariz. (That’s exactly what’s optimistic about it.)

And there’s one more event waiting for a good product.
This time, it’s a very simple event to participate in, but just by signing up for the official cafe and leaving a sign-up greeting,
You can expect a variety of products. Some of them are very expensive products such as Galaxy Note 10+ 5G.
I thought it would be awesome if I won the gift certificate of 50,000 won. lol
I’m also looking forward to character figures, so I’m participating in both events and waiting to win.

We’ve focused on this new pre-booking page.
Many people are already participating in advance reservations and expressing their expectations in the official community.
Here’s St.S.: I think it’s because of the excellent launch of the game of the Awakening.
It hasn’t landed in Korea yet, but it was recognized as a masterpiece by the first elected Chinese and Singaporean servers.
Some fans still have servers overseas.
Now, when it comes to the market in Korea soon, you won’t have to play hard to enter and enjoy it on a Korean server!!

The most satisfying part of the fans is that they reproduced the original color to the highest level.
Like the actionability that we’re looking forward to? Or the appeal of various characters.
I think it means that I expressed it well in the game.
Definitely marked as the original’s official certification game, so it’s coming out this time: Awakening.
I thought I might have put more effort into it.

In my case, my favorite character is Dragon Poetry. It’s just cool to look at.
Their brilliant fighting skills also made them fall in love with their eyes. 🙂
So when it’s released, I want to make a great battle with the Dragon Warrior.
The characters that appear here are based on constellations.
The dragon poem expresses each individual’s individuality as if it were dragon seats.
Since it was originally a film that showed the individuality of various characters, I think it will stand out in a collectible genre.

Especially, I heard that full voice was applied to the characters.
This will definitely bring a high sense of immersion to users.
I think the story of that time will come out again. 🙂
As you can see the story from the Worth in the Galaxy to the Hades in the Ming Dynasty.
How can a story that has been recreated with 3D animation give you a pleasant thrill?

With so many of my favorite characters, I think I’ll enjoy strategic fun.
I don’t know what strategy it is yet, but if you look at what you can see at the official cafe,
I heard that you can have a lot of strategic fun when you’re building a team and fighting.
It’s better to fight than just to fight. Because I prefer the game where reverse scenarios are possible through strategy.
I have a desire to lead the team to victory through my own combination

And after all, I think the part that many people are looking forward to is the fun of mobile action RPG.
And if you just look at the video that was released, you can see that it’s made with great quality.
Not only the fancy hand-wringing, but also the illustration, being made more highly-quality.
I thought the original version would make it even more attractive. 🙂
Adding fusion action to the characters, I think the eyes will be a fun action RPG.

I can’t wait until the release date.
I think we can sort of sweeten the wait at the official cafe.
At the official cafe, you can show off your items from St.
You can also get a preview of the play from the CM news board.
You can see the characters participating in the Galaxy In Word with their respective goals.
From this perspective, I can see that the original is highly reflective.

For your information, the Galaxy in Word is a huge battle where the final winner gets a golden cross.
If you don’t know the story because you haven’t seen the original,
The official cafe is uploading the story, so please refer to this part. 🙂
Of course, it’s fun to get to know when you’re playing without knowing the story.
If you know the framework of the whole story on the official cafe and approach it~ I think you’ll be able to feel the depth

It’s St. Seale, which is scheduled to be released sometime this month: Awakening!!
I feel like I’m full of the desire to play right now, but…
But as we started making advance reservations, I’m looking forward to the launch phase.
I’d like to see some new information released in the future.
If you’re looking forward to it, I’ll recommend you to join the official cafe. I’ll finish preview posting. Thank you.

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