Welcome to Epic Seven Update, to Witchhaven and Lilias!

Epic Seven seems to be a popular mobile game.
Even if you take a break and come back, you don’t feel awkward. It’s Epic Seven.
Each character is given a unique charm.
It’s an inspiration to users. And it’s a constant update that always brings us new fun.
These days, a lot of users say they’re into Lilias triad. Let’s find out what’s going on through play.

Lilias is a new character that appeared recently in the fourth week of September.
It’s the shooting that always drew attention whenever a new character was released, but this time, the reaction is very explosive.
I think it’s because of the beautiful looks that make everyone, young and old, fall in love with them. 🙂
I feel like I’d like to find out what she’s going to say, with the girl crush’
I played a sub-story, “The Walk of the King.”

The “Let’s Walk the King’s Way” sub-story will be played by anyone who has an account level of 9 or above until 3 a.m. on October 10.
Here you can learn more about the new character, Lilias.
Turns out she was a royal family member of the former Perutian kingdom that ruled the country.
The beginning of the story was a bit of a rough-and-tongued atmosphere, and the meeting was going on.
A situation in Akin where Purius is calling for support from Perland!!

The greedy nobleman is taking this opportunity to attack Akin and target the abundant resources buried there.
Lilias, who thought this was tantamount to sacrificing the soldiers of Ferland, actively opposes it.
I could get a glimpse of her personality during these meetings.
He was a man who valued our sacrifice rather than our desire for resources, and he made what he wanted to say.
I was just taking my anger away from the meeting where the results were set.

The story can be a spoiler, so I want you to play ‘Let’s Walk the King’ in the background.
While enjoying this story, it was great to see the new character Liliace’s combat position.
By using our attacking power, by using it against our opponent,
He was a hero who effectively fought by blocking the enemy. As a hero optimized for party play,
I started to want to make it my team.

Let’s take a quick look at the skills one by one. First, I’ll be at the vanguard! When I saw the skill of ‘Strike!’
I felt her personality, so I liked her nickname. lol
This is a skill that attacks the enemy from the vanguard and then creates a pore on our random ally.
As the damage increases in proportion to your maximum vitality, it is important to increase the efficiency of the damage.
I thought he was a necessary hero in party play, as well as creating a great attack from our army.

In the case of ‘Defence, Scatter!’ it’s a defensive skill.
As you stretch out your arms, you create a protective membrane for two feet.
And since the 85 percent chance to provoke an enemy target for 2 tons, it’s hard on the other side.
When she’s trying to attack, she’s giving her powerful charm with a pincer.
I’m trying to fight back, so it’s hard to get to the shield. He also plays a great role as a tanker.

Finally, the skills of ‘Position of the gun, charge, assault!’ When I first saw you, you were really in love.
Not just the look of a girl crush, but the charisma that you see in a real battle was very cool.
Based on our awakening, all our heroes’ weakening effects have been lifted.
I’m ordering the Furland soldiers to fire. That’s why this wonderful battle scene was born. 🙂
25% reduction in enemy’s behavioral gauge, attack with our most aggressive allies, increase our behavioral gauge by 50%, etc.
After looking at it like this. I guess users have no choice but to go crazy.

Now, I hope you’ll try hard to play the king’s way until October 10th.
While cleaning the stage, you can receive a reward for the event, “The Curtain of the Purutian Family.”
The good reason for this event is, catalysts, spirits materials, subpoenas, runes, equipment, goods, etc.
It’s because the exchange center is free to exchange items with the items you want. 🙂
It’s an opportunity to bring in a variety of gifts, including quests, achievements, and regional rewards.

And these days, I’m into a new story and everyone is talking to me in the community.
Not long ago, Episode 2 Chapter 4 opened the magical city of Witchh
If you’ve enjoyed all the stories before, you’ll also have a lot of fun. 🙂
In the case of Witchhaven, which was opened this time, it is said to be the hiding place of wizards who have been oppressed since the fall of the Kingdom of Perutian.
I hope you’ll be immersed in and enjoy what you’re waiting for here.

At the alchemist’s tower, the softness of the dedicated equipment is opening up, and users are cheering.
From now on, through the alchemist’s tower, we’ll be able to build our own equipment.
I’ll get my own equipment, and then I’ll build a new one to increase my fighting power. 🙂
In order to soften the equipment, you need to strengthen the lab to level 3.
Then, with 300,000 gold and three dedicated equipment, the ductility can only be attempted once a day.

For the equipment that is used as a material, there are no restrictions
But the higher the quality, the greater the probability that the soft, dedicated equipment will be able to perform well.
And when the quality rating is at the highest level, you can choose the strength of the skills of the dedicated equipment.
The figures are also determined to be at the highest level.
Since we can secure our own equipment, I’m sure many of you will use it in the future

As a former member of ★3 Karot, you can also meet researcher Carrot.
As you move forward, the illustration will be refreshed, as well as a skill change and an animation of your skill.
I personally feel more feminine, but I’m not alone, am I?
The only skill we can identify with this transfer is the flare-up, after which we wake up and attack all our enemies.
It has a 60% chance of producing two burns for two tons.
We’re doing even better through our previous careers, so if you’re interested, try to nurture and join the team.

It’s also improved in terms of convenience.
Let me tell you one thing that I really like about you. The inventory of equipment has expanded to 450 cars.
In fact, if you look at the responses of some users, there were people who wanted to increase the inventory.
I think Epic Seven could have applied the improvement through communication with users.
In the future, we will look for our own equipment and focus on playing without worrying about inventory.

With the Epic Seven update, we’re enjoying a lot of fun these days as we have more things to enjoy.
I think it’s a great mobile game to watch the story.
I haven’t pushed it through yet, so I think I should hurry up and go play.
As much as we can paint a strategic battle according to the combination of heroes,
I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of character I can enjoy. Thank you.

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