We have a chance to target the Muonline Slayer and win the Daecheon office!

I don’t think there’s any PC online game in Korea that has a long tradition.
In a way, it’s the forefather of a lot of MMORPGs right now.
It’s not just an old service period, but I think it’s still a masterpiece loved by many updates and events.
But since it’s been a long time since it was released, I’m sure many people are watching the timing of when we should approach it even if we want to play it.
Recently, we’ve had a great event to become a new user. I’m going to come back after a long time and try to go on a muonline.


First of all, I’d like to start by offering you two benefits when you sign up.
New subscribers will be able to enjoy three-day fixed-rate benefits and five different scrolling options for seven days.
That’s why I told you earlier that it’s a great season for new users to start.
There are a lot of people around me, including myself, who are starting as new users when they come back after a long time. 🙂
With the addition of five kinds of scrolling buffs, it’s easier to foster characters.

So, what kind of character do you want to foster? In fact, this time, the new muonline character has been updated.
In a game that’s been on the market for nearly 20 years, the update of a new character!
I think it’s really, like, the part that shows us that we’re still living a long life. 🙂
For this new character, I think he has a very attractive personality. His name is Benjia and his job name is Slayer.
Shot Sodra fights with a relatively short sword, which is usually characterized by deadly attacks.
For this new character, you can create and nurture it as soon as you access the speed server.

As many of you know, speed servers are very fast.
Because it has various benefits such as character growth buff.
Depending on the level of achievement, various items can be compensated. So a lot of our users,
Quickly foster characters while enjoying the benefits of the speed server. There are a lot of people who move to Bonsub and play.
Especially now that we support speed servers, we don’t have to pay any extra to move to Bonsub.

So, when I grew up great later, I started training hard on my speed server to move to Bonsub.
Remember, you’ll get a premium 뮨 if you reach 700 levels and move to Bonsub!!
The additional October premium 뮨 available on this server will be provided.
I think a lot of people are running for this amazing benefit. 🙂
However, please understand that you need to achieve 700 levels with your new character, Slayer.

And if you want to summarize the benefits that speed servers are providing, if you get to the 700 level,
+11 [Return] Third Wing (Lucky) will receive a fixed 100,000 root payment.
As compensation is paid to meet the level of achievement, such as a rise in amulets, a Blood Angel defense set, a third wing, etc.
I could only concentrate on nurturing, thinking about moving the main server for free.
Even if you move the server later, you won’t see any ‘moved characters’ marks, and you can create a secondary character on this server.

For the types of compensation items for achieving the level in the speed server, refer to the image above and you will understand at once.
Why am I so desperate for 700 levels!! I think you’ll feel it all at once.
+15 Vocational set of defenses, +15 Vocational wing luck, +15 Vocational exalent weapon luck,
Exalent technology necklace, 100 million jen, magic spell, 50 days of rising amulet II, +11 Blood Angel defense kit (60 days), 100,000 rud,
+11 [Return] Third Wing and Good Luck!! It’s been a long time since I’ve been back. I think I’ve timed my comeback very well.

But before you move on to the 700 level, if you’re asking for more benefits.
It’s going to be a great boost if you enjoy the ‘Gerilla GM Event’ as a speed server open celebration.
Previously, from September 27 to 30 at 11:00 a.m., you can purchase +9 absolute weapons (three days) and [superior] blessings of light free of charge.
With the second installment of the guerrilla event that began on October 2 today, we’re going to have to wait until midnight on October 6th at the speed server.
If you connect for more than 10 hours, a special gift will be given. Amulets I (3 days) and [Introduction] Five blessings (upper class)!!
As expected, it’ll be a reward to keep you connected and enjoy your play.
From this perspective, I’m already excited about the huge benefits of the upcoming guerrilla event, the 3rd installment of the October 11th.

In fact, the most prejudices the old game has, ‘seems to lack convenience.’It’s.
Before I started the muonline, I was not able to access it easily because of that idea.
When I played, I didn’t know anything, but I was able to adapt and enjoy myself very quickly.
When I run the quest, it guides me well where I should go.
And while hunting monsters, there’s a good root for them to grow. 🙂
First of all, the drop rate is very good, so I’m naturally equipped for level-up.

I’m working hard on my level-up, enjoying the storm growth benefits of my speed server.
It’s been a long time since I’ve been running for a while. I’m happy because I can think of the past and feel the emotion only the muonline has. 🙂
Obviously, in the case of this updated slayer, it had a very different set of features compared to other classes.
The whole thing seems agile, but the deadly power that comes out of it is fascinating?
I’ve made me very excited about what I’m going to do on various battlefields, including Boss Reid.

In the case of Spock, focus on strength and agility.
I think it’s because the concept of this slayer is that humans and bats are mixed creatures.
I found it interesting to see bat-following production around the character.
Watching him act quickly with his red eyes.
I think there were times when I felt more charismatic.

And I felt, obviously, that the benefits of the five scrolling benefits for new users came a lot closer.
At first, they forgot to hunt unbenefited.
I noticed it in the middle and applied five scrolls. They have relatively high levels of attack, defense, etc.
I’m sure you’re going to show up against the stronger monsters.
If you keep up with this pace and cultivate yourself, it won’t be that difficult to reach the 700 level.

Hunting can slow down the tempo of catching monsters sometimes when there are a lot of users.
Moved it to continue hunting, rather than in the same server channel that is more efficient.
MU RED, which operates two speed servers simultaneously, has 26 channels.
In MU BLUE, 16 channels are in place. It was good because the pleasant environment is maintained.
I think all of the users I met on the field are aiming for 700 levels.

If you level up like this, you’ll be greedy to rank as a speed server rankings lol
Based on the 700 level attainment, a full set of Dark Angel defenses +7 Stats, 2 options for Dark Angel weapons, 100,000 rudds,
The hero, Blood Angel’s soul, good luck, and so on.
As the race for the masters begins already, it’s showing a very exciting atmosphere~
Even with Cao’s Castle’s strongest position, you can stare at the signs of the conqueror, the transformation ring of darkness, and so on.
If you’re interested, please show your greed.

When there is also an interesting issue with the muonline, it seems best to run fast through the speed server.
It’s been a while since I’ve been back. It’s been a long time since I’ve enjoyed a great performance. lol
Especially for this new character, it’s been a very attractive release, so I hope you play it.
It’s more fun to enjoy with friends, so we can create characters on the speed server.
Raise it to the 700 level~ Don’t miss out on the rich benefits such as premium jjamppong and 100,000 rud. Thank you.

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