The Death Night Fever! Let’s go and enjoy Lineage 2’s new server.

The Lineage 2 Deathnight was updated on August 14th, and it seems like about two weeks have passed.
Usually after about two weeks, we can see how well the game is updated.
In the case of Lineage 2, you can see that it’s very popular just by looking at the responses of users.
Certainly the free declaration of the legendary online MMORPG game was enough to attract a lot of people.
We’ve been enjoying the success of our new class and system improvement.

I have a hobby of identifying online game rankings about once a week.
Just looking at the steady rise in rankings, it seems to prove a successful update.
As a matter of fact, as soon as a new server is created, there’s a lot of people coming in.
We’ve even opened a new server called Hero over the weekend. lol
It looks like it’s going to distribute a lasting queue, but those who want to start now recommend playing on the Hero.

As I said last time, I’m a new user in this update.
Since it’s a very popular game, I always wanted to play it.
There seems to be a lot of barriers to entry. Because of the pressure, I haven’t been able to get started.
But I heard that it was going to be free and that it will be renewed at a large update level.
I started training with the new character, Desnite. But already, it’s quite for fun.

What I was most worried about was, isn’t it going to be a bit of a high-profile game now? I’ve been thinking about this a lot.
I thought it would be too late for a new user to adapt.
Perhaps because of this renewal update, I felt like I was helping the first-timers adjust themselves step by step.
The UI was arranged as easily as the latest MMORPG games.
I also felt a sense of sensitivity and kindness in the process of where I should go in the quest.
And most of all, at the new server, everyone starts at the same starting line. There’s a sense of fairness.

In fact, in online games, I’ve never seen an automatic hunting system before. At first, if you were just like, “All right, that’s amazing,”
Now we’re more comfortable using automatic hunting than anyone else.
I’m sure there are a lot of office workers among the users who play.
It’s a lot of time-consuming to hunt for more than 10 hours like before.
But now, if you just turn on the automatic hunting, it’ll play all night. It’s more convenient and less pressure to foster characters.

Automated hunting systems are very convenient, but I used to refer to the Internet when I first used them.
I’ll go after you in this post for a bit
To turn on automatic hunting, press the circle button on the bottom right and the character starts hunting.
Or simply press Alt + Z on your keyboard to proceed.
As I hunt for monsters around me, I feel proud just to see them.

Of course, there may be a little bit of anxiety about diving on the belief that there’s an automatic hunt.
But you don’t have to worry about it. I can even set the timing for using the pose.
You can set which port to use when your body strength drops.
Even if you enter a hunting ground with a higher level, you won’t have to worry if you have enough artillery.
Or if you turn on automatic hunting in a rather soft hunting ground, you’ll be relieved of all the worries.
And even if you’re not in front of the computer in real time,
You can use Lineage 2 mobile. If you want, you can spend 24 hours together.

In my case, I’ve set up these skills.
Active skills can also be set aside for automatic hunting.
Set the skills on the Quick Slot and press the right key to turn it on or off.
I don’t think it’s written separately, but should I say that the skill window shines a little?
When that happens, you use that skill during an automatic hunting process.

In my case, Mate, which increases attack power, has been set up by necessity
Set up Acumen to increase the speed of magic, Wind Walk to increase the speed of travel, and Heist to increase the speed of attack.
So, since hunting speed is much faster, it also helps boost experience.
When the level is low, the shield is automatically used to increase defense, and we’ve been able to manage our physical strength with the RISO HP.
I don’t think that’s enough anymore, so I don’t use it for automatic hunting.
I was so close to home that I felt more excited about my future Desnite.

And I don’t forget to check the mission in between.
The character hunts hard, but sometimes you can check the mission. 🙂
When the mission to hunt a certain number of monsters on a daily mission is complete,
It’s good to receive rewards such as experience improvement orders and advanced experience orders.
Because we need to receive them so we can link them to the next mission.

I didn’t even worry about the equipment. As I was hosting the quest, I gave them one by one.
Among them, the most delightful item is the necklace of Balacas.
Thank you so much for the event.
You can receive the necklace of the Balacas by paying 15,000 hours of coin at the appointment event of 5,000 days.
In addition, you can exchange +7 grade equipment, orders on the battlefield, hunting support packages, and more.

The longer you log on, the more you get paid at a time.
In my case, I was a new user, but I was able to get the necklace of Balakas right away.
The reason is because I created a new server character and it was given 15,000 hours of coin.
So I got a necklace of balacas, and more recently I got an order sheet of battlefield.
You can keep getting extra time coins just for a simple daily mission.

And are you all working hard to participate in the message collector’s wish event?
Please participate in the text collector’s wish event by September 11.
When hunting during an event, various strings are dropped.
This is because the combination of these can yield significant rewards, such as top-class weapons and defenses.
We can also prepare special skills for this event.
It’s four times as high as 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. every day, and eight times higher than midnight.
Since the peak time is applied, it is also best to take advantage of this time.

Since the update day, we’ve been on V LIVE for Nanning Goo. The more episodes we’re having, the more we’re getting.
Recently, you’ve shown yourself participating in a large-scale fortress.
I think he’s showing us the case of a well-received user. 🙂
Among the countless users in the picture, I’m very respectful to see Nanning perform the most!
Watching me continue my PK without any hesitation, I felt like I wanted to join them.

“Kill them all!!!” Seriously, you seem to be having fun talking, but you’re actually pretty strong.
I think watching videos is fun.
Since we’ve seen each other since level 1, it’s also helpful to analyze hunting grounds.
I’m sure I started a few hours earlier, but the level difference is already lol
Right now, if you search YouTube or Africa TV a little bit, there’s a lot of strippers and BJs.
We’re playing. Watching and playing together is also a fun way to have fun.

Obviously these days, new users can do level-ups quickly. I think the new starters are getting a lot better.
On top of that, the magic lamp has a really good response. You can enjoy the game and get additional experience and a tent.
The magic lamp is helping us grow even faster, with huge bonus experience and capabilities. 🙂
I’m going to run to the popular content called Transitional Dungeon soon, so I think I’m starting to enjoy the character development. Good.
Now, let’s get ready for a higher level attack and finish the Lineage 2 Death Knight incubation post. Thank you!!

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