V4 (ViPo) Nuclear bomb-grade mobile game machine for the second half of 2019!

The mobile game machine that gamers are paying the most attention to right now is V4.
Personally, I think it’s the most anticipated second half of this year. 🙂
I was interested for the first time in the sense that I could enjoy unlimited competition around servers.
Recently, the teaser video was released and it’s giving off a lot of guesswork about the
We will have time to analyze this video together with the information released so far.

First, V4 teaser video. Let’s start with Devil Chaser.
It’s about 20 seconds short, but it’s a big impact.
I see a beautiful beautiful girl character, and then suddenly,
A character who appears to be a dark and evil character will appear.
It’s a personal guess, but it’s the same person, and I was wondering if for some reason it turned dark.
I think it’s going to affect V4 V-Popo’s story or overall worldview.

And the date will be released right after!! On September 3, 2019, they pointed to tomorrow.
Compared to the stormy attention of many gamers,
I was sad that there wasn’t much information that was released so far. So I am looking forward to tomorrow more.
What’s the new news to be released tomorrow?
Personally, I’m predicting that a variety of video clips will be released that will allow you to feel the V4 closer.

In the case of V4, as most of you know, it’s NetGames’ work.
Well, it’s one of the most popular developers these days, not to mention it.
I want to say that even if we’ve been dealing with the work, it’s the best in action genres such as hits and overhits.
Now that it’s the third new product developed by NetGames, the attention of gamers is focused on V-Popo.
As we have been developing action RPG and collectable RPG, the third genre of this new film is MMORPG.

So, if you look at a class-selection scene, you can see a medium, a warload, a blade.
We can check out six types of night, Gunslinger, and Exaler.
The six different classes are said to be fighting each other using its own hand and auxiliary weapons.
Usually when you have a separate weapon, it’s easy to think of the role as a buffer or a recovery position.
Since both weapons are focused on the delivery, I hope you can think of some hot action again.

The job that I want to play personally is Axler.
In Axler’s case, I thought he’d use an axe to fight, so I thought he’d have a lot of fun with the action.
Turns out it’s a job that uses not only axes but also artillery.
The combination of an axe and a cannon. I’m sure you’ll have a lot of firepower in your head.
We expect to grow into a position where we can reach both the proximity and the distance.

Even the graphic that was released reminded me of the movie’s ability to direct.
There’s a scene where a volcano erupts, and somehow the monsters that live here are pretty powerful.
In the case of V4, we put more weight on the field play, so the overall background is beautiful.
They’ve been talking about it because they’ve shown us a technique that looks like a real-life investigation.
When I watch the scene, I thought I was showing off the scale of the PC console.

The map is very wide and I think it will be beautiful. The atmosphere is pretty extreme. I think you’ll enjoy the view around you.
To add convenience to this, functions such as automatic movement and teleport have also been introduced.
And to make it easier for users to enjoy field play, we can check out various information on the local map.
Normally, I can only check the map’s structure and my current location.
Here, you can check out not only the area, but also the hunting grounds, and even see the rewards of dropping each monster.
If you open it officially, I think active use of the map would be a way to target field play.

I think you can see that the map has a perfect atmosphere.
It’s so big. I feel like I’m in a fantasy world.
It looks like a peaceful village, but here I thought I’d take a nap without worrying about it
Even in this seemingly peaceful village, you can get a lot of useful collectibles, right?
One of the interesting systems is the peer system, and it’s easy to think of as a summoner.
They sent their colleagues to hunt, or to pick up the crops.

There’s an interserver system where you can enjoy all these different pleasures with other server users.
Of all the information on V4, it was the most intriguing. In a certain number of servers, users are free to do so.
When I heard that I could play on the way back and forth, I thought it would be quite big.
Naturally, users will have a sense of belonging to their own servers, and competition with other servers will be fun, right?
For example, if you have limited resources, there could be a war between servers.
When I heard this~ I was determined to feed my server well.

We did this simple, but in detail, in a preview format.
I was wondering why the name is V4, but it’s short for Victory For.
In other words, whatever users do, it was decided by the desire to win in terms of what they wanted.
I think it will be MMORPG that I can enjoy while enjoying my favorite play.
Tomorrow, September 3rd! I’m going to leave now, waiting for the news. Thank you.

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