Kaiser Why is the most popular mobile MMORPG these days?

I heard that more and more people are starting the mobile game Kaiser.
I was a user who once played Kaiser with a lot of fun
As time passed, I had a natural break~ As it was my favorite mobile MMORPG game, I became interested in it.
But what I found was that, as I recently passed my first anniversary, there were a lot of big updates.
With the addition of new content, we’re also adding more content~ It seems like we’re having a comeback among gamers once again.

In fact, Kaiser has been very popular for high-quality graphics.
That level, after a year, still holds the best title ever.
We’re showing off a really large open field scale, and we’re implementing all of these areas in full 3D.
When it was officially opened, it was praised as being the level of a PC platform.
It’s a mobile MMORPG that shows the emotions of the PC. I heard about the opening of a new server.

Just last Tuesday, September 10th. We opened it as a new hot server. The name is “Penguin.”
We can create a new character in the penguin and foster
Because it’s a new server, the users who foster characters in that server all start on the same page.
So, I think it means there’s no difference in level with existing users. 🙂
With the news of Kaiser’s new server opening, there are a lot of users who have decided to return for the first time in a long time.
There are also a lot of people who want to play new games this time.

Since it’s a new server, I’m sure many of you are wondering when Jangwonjeon and Gongseongjeon will start.
Bidding for Jangwonjeon will begin on Saturday, September 19th, after inspection.
And Gongseongjeon is open to bidding on September 22nd at 7 p.m., and it starts that day.
Since it is going to be the first time, it will be Jangwonjeon and Gongseongjeon.
It’s a new server, but it’s already been a fun time to watch the heated lol
To be sure, it’s an honor to rule the line at the beginning. I think it’s that important.

I’m sure this season is the best day to start Kaiser. Every day, there’s a pretty good level of compensation.
Items are being paid, and you can even make a bigger reward for your consecutive attendance.
Especially now, we can get attendance on the 7th, which celebrates its 1st anniversary. a fantasy potion, hero’s defence box, etc
It’s quite a big Merit to be able to get expensive items only in attendance.
As for new users, we can even take the Welcom package, so we can actually go straight to Gorevel without any interruption.

And by the way, besides the issue of adding new servers, the four existing servers have been integrated into one server.
I think the volume has become much larger as this allows me to meet more diverse layers of users ᄒᄒ
Perhaps that’s why it was easy to see more users hunting on the field.
With this, it looks like we’re going to have a new competitive landscape in big battle content like RvR.
I’m looking forward to the play in the future to see what new server consolidation news will do.

The new dungeon adds a new tria mine. Once you’re on the world map,
You can go from the land of Alios to the entrance of the Tria mine. You can enter from above 80 levels.
The reason why the new Tria mine is so beautiful is because you can get the ingredients you need to make the mythical items.
In other words, if you’re a user of more than 80 levels, you can see that the new dungeon is the addition.
Not only here, but items rated below the legend can be dropped to the complete state of the
It’s a very efficient hunting dungeon, isn’t it?

But the level of monsters appearing is excellent Lv. 96 to Lv. If you look at 98, you’re going to be able to target a lot of users from now.
It looks like it’s going to be fun. The emerging boss monster has a level of 100 and his name is Vallefort.
You can expect a very good level of equipment items like that. For blessed diamonds.
You can obtain diamonds by selling them to the merchant NPC. If he dies of PK here,
As you can draw items and experience, it would be good to target Dungeon while maintaining some tension.

And even in the basic dungeon, the welcoming sites and the groves of the gods, this update will bring legendary-grade equipment and materials to life.
As much as we can draw~ From now on, we will enjoy hunting even more.
In the case of heroes and rare items, the probability of a drop has increased.
In fact, our favorite fun at MMORPG is to say that it’s an item drop.
I’m happy that I can enjoy the fun again through steady hunting.

It’s not just an increase in item drop, it’s now a legendary class of items through hunting.
As we can look forward to it. The importance and efficiency of hunting has increased.
If you hunt steadily and find a good item or two.
You can sell it to other users and expect a good return. lol
As the rate of de-rab has increased, I think there will be more days in the future when we spend the night hunting.

Let’s take a look at the four types of Shinhwa-class weapons. The immortal hero Jang Gum and the immortal hero Dagger,
An immortal hero bow, an immortal hero cane, has been added as a new mythological grade weapon.
When you look at the effect of wearing it, it also shows a good level of prestige to match that of a mythical
Now menu > Production > If you go into the weapon, you can build a new mythological class weapon.
The mythological-grade weapon that was shown on the previous production list has been removed, so please refer to it.

Not only weapons, but also two new kinds of pet products. The more I looked at them, the more attractive they were.
We have added ‘Hangawi Rock’ as a rare grade and ‘Chuseok’ as an advanced grade.
I think it’s been released well for this Chuseok season.
Both for Chuseok and Hangawi, we’ll be able to produce this songpyeon event.
In case of entertainment for Chuseok, you can enjoy +33% of your experience. It will also help you with your level-up.
In particular, if you have the same Hangawi entertainment, your experience is +55%.

Then, what is the songpyeon production event?
You can hunt each dungeon and field monsters for songpyeon during the current event.
And we can exchange it for a number of items, including the newly added pet registration seats.
Lenny’s blessing. Fantasy potions, growth potions, reels, pet registries, hero’s defense & weapons & jewelry boxes, etc.
It’s a chance to get a variety of rewards. I hope you hunt and collect songpyeon and get the items you want.

And the item restoration event will be held until October 10. Users who have experienced the disappearance of the item while working on strengthening the product
It’s a heartwarming event. You can recover one item that disappeared in the process.
Click on the part marked ‘Iem Restore’ on the left side of the mini-map and you can choose one of the items that can be recovered.
And you can restore once as a ‘return item’ by pressing the ‘Recovery’ button.
As I can recover items that are above the hero grade, I think it is an event that will help many users.

Looking at the updates and events, I think it’s definitely the most exciting game of the day
I think we’re enjoying our heyday once again after our first anniversary.
It certainly captures the fun of hunting with the increase in item drop rates, and it opens up a new server.
I think we’ve even captured all the new users. 🙂
There may be some things I haven’t covered this time, so I hope you’ll find out more about them at the official cafe
I’ll go back to raising the Kaiser level. Thank you. Enjoy the game!!

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