Call of Duty Mobile Satisfaction! Battle Royale’s FPS Game Ends in the World.

I was so happy. When I heard that Call of Duty mobile was coming out.
Since it’s a world-famous FPS game, I wondered what it would be like if the fun was re-enacted on my smartphone.
Before the official launch, there are various events going on with the pre-booking process.
Here’s the amazing news! Thanks to the consideration of the developer, I experienced Call of Duty Mobile in advance.
Check out the vivid reviews now.

The first impression of Call of Duty Mobile was that it captured the charm of the original.
The attraction of the original story here is a vivid sense of scene.
The more I played the game, the more I felt as if I was in a fierce situation on a battlefield where life and death were unclear.
I think we have a lot of fun as an FPS game.
In a short running time of one round, we could have put on a variety of strategies.
For example, if you rush into the enemy’s camp with a good weapon, or you cover yourself up, you shoot the enemy quietly,
Also, I enjoyed various strategic plays such as supporting our troops from behind.

And it’s a pretty exciting thing to do, despite the engagement with AI, because it’s not yet in the formal open stage.
I think it’s good to see what you’re looking forward to.
If you have good control, you might want to rush in alone, but I think it’s important to have a cooperative play.
If you act alone, you’ll be surrounded by enemies, and there’s nothing you can do about it.
We work with our colleagues and we move forward step by step, and I think this process is quite thrilling and fun.

And it was satisfying to see the famous maps of the original version.
So even though it’s my first time playing on a smartphone, I quickly got used to it because it’s a familiar map. 🙂
After the official opening, I imagine I’ll play a game with users on this legendary map.
I feel itchy all over already and I want to be cool.
Personally, we’re having a fight on the highjack map. It feels like a special agent on a real mission.
Once upon a time, when I was playing the original, I liked to play with emotions like this.

Big~ I don’t think my old talent is dead. I was really looking forward to seeing how he saved his taste.
It’s not hard to control. It’s perfect for everyone to enjoy. 🙂
You can load or fire a gun by pressing the keypad on the right.
And you can do simple things like prone and jumping lightly.
And on the left, we put a rudder on the left, and we moved back and forth, and we had an environment where we could play easily.

In fact, I like to aim the enemy quietly from afar.
It’s as if he’s become a professional killer in this area. It’s fun to play behind the scenes supporting our troops. 🙂
So, depending on the situation, you shoot your enemy from afar, and sometimes you take the lead with a good shotgun.
I could see a whole range of guns at first sight.
I think it’s also a great attraction to be able to build your own equipment and enjoy

And it’s not always about guns.
You can feel the differentiated fun elements that Call of Duty Mobile has.
In the scorestric, we can fly unmanned aircraft that can identify the enemy’s.
You can launch remote-controlled missiles with cluster bombs and attack the enemy from a distance.
Other than that, call in air supplies, call in armed helicopters that provide air support.
There were definitely a lot of different productions. I think Call of Duty Mobile is the most unique original tower in this respect.

And depending on your taste, you can enjoy each of these different modes of play.
Even if it’s PvP mode, it’s not all in the same format.
As you can enjoy a colorful battle of concepts, it’s expected to be quite popular if you actually open it officially.
Up to 100 users are fighting to survive.
We’re looking forward to various contents such as ‘Frontline’, ‘Surf the Search’ and ‘Team Death Match’.
Since I personally like survival, I feel that Battle Royal is going to be a lot of fun.

I played Tim Desmatches this time, even if he was shot to death by an opponent’s bullet,
As the base regenerates again, it was fun to fight back right 🙂
In order to win Team Death Match, you need to reach the designated score first before you can win.
So, even if we were to resurrect, we’d have no choice but to rush.
Eliminating the enemy without risking your life as much as you can is an important target.
Now, that sounds natural in a way, but personally, Tim Desmatch is able to enjoy a little bit more intense fun in a row.
It’s one of my favorite modes.

As you can see from the screen shot, it feels like a PC console.
I think that graphic is applied that much lively.
If you like first-person shooting, I’m sure everyone will enjoy it.
Once it’s officially opened, you can compete with users on their skills through Rank Play and Clan content.
I think we’ll have to wait and see which users will be the best among the most powerful people.

Let’s leave the play that light.
Let’s look at the benefits of pre-booking. If you make a reservation in advance, here’s what you’s:
We can receive special rewards.
Make a reservation before playing the official open call-of-duty mobile.
J385 Let’s have a techno-logic skin, a public supply profile frame, and a 2-fold experience card.

Next, there’s an official cafe signing event. Like the picture above, it’s made in a dialogue format.
So I enjoyed reading about the event.
With the aim of achieving the goal, we are also conducting an event to reach 300,000 official cafe subscribers.
Also, if you participate in SNS sharing, the top 10 users who received the most recommendations will receive the most.
There are also gifts worth 20,000 won per week, so please join us and look for rewards.

Finally, I read what the emergency order of GM Hunter was.
It’s an event where you can get Google Gift Card while solving a quiz. 🙂
After reading the emergency order of GM Hunter from the free bulletin board of the official cafe,
If you send the answer to the quiz to GM Hunter, the event will be completed.
Up to 10 first-come first-served people will receive the correct answer and a 10,000 won note will be given to Google Gift Card.
It’s pretty good because it’s not a raffle payment! I’ll have to check the duration and participate.

For your information, if you find this posting a bit disappointing, please enter the GM story board at the official cafe.
Because there are many interesting things to read in the pre-opening stage such as character guidance and multi-player experience machine.
There are plenty of screenshots and videos on the media bulletin board.
I think I can fill in some of the vicarious satisfaction. 🙂
And I hope you can participate in the events held at the official cafe.

Now that we’re only going to have a formal opening, I have a pretty good feeling that it’s going to be a box office hit
First of all, since the original film is so famous around the world, it’s worth saying that everyone is interested in.
The overseas reaction is good, and with the consideration of the game company, I felt that playing for a while,
It’s not just based on the famous IP of the original book, but the game itself is being released in a very high quality.
There are a lot of different fun elements here. Let’s all enjoy Battle Royal mode when it’s open.

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