100 days of uncooperative Origin update, chicken day to run!

If you ask me what’s the hottest PC game these days, I think I’m going to answer that.
I’ve been taking steps since the official opening, and recently I’ve reached the No. 2 spot in the PC game daily search keyword.
In general, there are always famous online games listed in the top rankings.
Considering the fact that Mu-hyeop Origin is a ‘web game’ genre, I think it’s a huge growth.
Recently, we have a lot of interesting issues like updates and events starting on the 100th day. Let’

First, let’s deal with the news that we should celebrate as a user.
As I mentioned just a little bit earlier, it’s the Mu-hyeop-ri-jin, who’s ranked second in the list of fast-growing search keywords and PC game daily search keywords.
The game that I’m playing is on the search keyword list. It’s nice to know. It feels weird.
At that time, on September 4th, on Chicken Day, we prepared an event that we can solve with super-sweetened squids.
The question of the initial quiz was “ᄎ.” The answer would be Chicken Day.

Here’s what the event started on this Chicken Day:
If you reach the 60th level with your new character, you will automatically apply for the same product as above.
It also shows 100,000 won of Shinsegae gift certificates, GS mobile gift certificates, BHC Chicken Gifticon and 2,500 gold coins!!
If I win any prize, I think it is actually a huge gift.
It’s an event that runs through September 6th, but since it’s not a difficult game to level up, I hope you’ll take the opportunity to jump right now.

And the good thing about playing now is, there’s been a lot of events going on from September 6 to 15.
If you apply for a coupon now, the first payment will be made on the event compensation day.
It’s a great opportunity to get the second reward in 100 hours.
Also, invite friends, and participate in promotional events.
I hope you’ll also have a chance to win a 5,000 won gift certificate for 50 people.

And there are a few other events going on.
During the event, you can obtain supplies, draw cards, equipment regular box, promotion material box, etc. through Push.
Please leave a congratulatory comment on the 100th day of your speech through the 100th anniversary
Every user is given a pick card for every 100 additions.
It’s said to be a maximum of 50 pieces, so let’s take it easy and get as much reward as we can!!

Let’s take a look at the latest updates. We have Taegeuk Doljin with our new content.
After reaching the 54th level, it becomes active when you complete the main quest. It’s a very interesting content.
When you get rid of the boss in the Taegeuk Doljin,
You can get the generous rewards you need to raise, including the money you pay back.
When you get to a certain level, it’s the content that’s registered in the rankings.

If you’re listed in the rankings, of course you’ll get a lot of fame among other users, right?
But not the surface part. There’s one thing that’s really interesting.
The character that’s registered in the rankings is actually the gate BOSS, which is to be the target of the users.
Of course, it’s just the same appearance, but it’s really different if my character is registered as a boss.
In a way, it’s a goal that I really want to achieve in the game that I play. 🙂
My character has not yet been listed in the rankings, but I will continue to work hard to foster it.

And this time, it’s about Moonpa Youngji. Gunwoong Holger is opening.
It will be held every Saturday from 8:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. in the form of an integrated server.
Doors from 1st to 3rd place in combat capability can participate.
On Friday, a declaration of war is made, and on Saturday, the battle begins.
If you succeed in taking over territory, you can collect taxes, and you can reap huge profits from that content.
I think it’s going to be filled with the voices of users every Saturday. 🙂
With the battle going on tomorrow Saturday, who will take the winner of the first battle?

And we’ve added a system that can make the pet grow even more.
We can grow through pet purification in the future, which can increase the pet’s property value.
In other words, since it is an element that can improve combat capabilities, it will need to be maintained.
And when you’re doing pet purification, the level of experience you need varies slightly.
Please take note of this and strengthen it further.

And recently, the wedding equipment was opened. I’m not married yet.
Wedding equipment is already receiving a lot of attention because it can also be called a sign of a couple
For wedding equipment, you can use a monotone system like a hero’s.
Of course, it’s active for those who are married, so if you’re not married yet, you’re not.
Why don’t you make love through the party dungeon?
Wedding equipment also boasts a very strong fighting power.

And we’ve heard about the equipment.
Now, through the integrated boss dungeon attack, you can get a level 3 item without a ball.
The integrated boss is waiting for a variety of bosses, including the head monk, the pjomachu, and the rib ambassador.
I think you can hit it well enough to meet your level.
If you go into the red equipment exchange at the cost of the welfare, you can exchange it with the wedding equipment you want.
It would be nice if you keep moving towards this high level of fighting power.

Then, another way to get Shinmoo items has been added.
You can get it through synthesis. Now you can choose the Shinmoo item you want.
I hope you can make it through synthesis. 🙂
Because Shinmoo items are a great help to increase combat power,
And it’s really good for users to have a lot of routes to get these great equipment items.

With this steady stream of interesting issues, the popularity of uncooperative ducklings continues to grow.
I also want to say that as a user, I enjoy my time as much as much as I have time
If you play it, you’ll be fascinated by the beautiful graphics.
There’s a prejudice that web games are going to lose quality because you can play them right away without downloading.
But it’s a game that broke the prejudice. Not only the background, but also the skill and the quality of the rides are very high.
It wasn’t high for a web game, it was just good quality.

And I think it’s also good that men, women and women can easily hunt and foster characters.
In my case, I tend to make a small charge, but I don’t like games that are under the pressure of charging.
But even though I haven’t charged yet, I’ve never stopped growing my character because of the blockage in combat.
Well, there’s a lot of different routes here that can boost combat power.
I think it’s because even if we play various contents, we can supply and demand the items that we need to foster.

In case of Muhyup Origin, it has been 100 days since it was officially opened.
I think it’s been a very good game.
And not more, not less, but more, if we can continue to update and event in this pattern.
I’m sure it’s a game that will be more successful and loved. 🙂
Since it’s a web game, click on the link to the official page below. You can play it right away without downloading it.
Why don’t you try to foster your character today? Thank you.

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