Maple Story Job Priority Job Recommendation What’s the latest trend?

Hello, I’m Jubble.
Thanks to the Maple Story, which is being held at the Chuseok event, the Union level has been steadily raised.
Even if I don’t do anything, I like it because the rest experience alone is enough to raise the level of the buoyant character. lol
Also, if you take a little time, you can level up a lot at once as a coin event.
Now that I’ve been steadily building up the Union character, I thought it would be nice to arrange my Maple Story career ranking.
So I started writing posts like this way I always change my rank when I get a new car
Let’s take a look at the job rankings that we’ve compiled from a variety of data, including DPM and distribution rates.

1st place: Arcmeage (Sun, Col)

When you look at the Manreb distribution chart, it’s still the highest ratio of armeji (Sun, Col).
Hunting is good, and Boss Monster is also highly regarded.
And since you have a binder here, you can have a boss monster solple if you can just support the ball.
Also well regarded by the bulldog, but the case of 1:1, such as for bravery.
When I look at the balance, I think it’s still very popular. 🙂
So people who are magicians such as Bishop or Bulldog can often see people who sleep on their bikes.

2nd place: Night Road

​As for me, I’m somewhat divided, but I’m still ahead.
Once you have items such as acnecide, you can show off explosive firepower.
There was always a tendency for many users to recommend Maple Story jobs.
Personally, I think Night Road is very good, but I’d like to recommend it especially if you have some capital.
If you’re an uncapitalized user, you might want to think about it.

3rd place: Pathfinder

​Passfinder is not the most exciting job with Ho-young’s emergence, but it’s still a hot job released this year.
When the Pathfinder was first released, it came up to a very powerful level.
When I first appeared in Tesspia, I was so criticized that I was on the main server.
It was so elevated that I was dropped once in the middle of the balance update.
And yet, with the cincar buff still remaining, we’re getting pretty good reviews.

Fourth place: Bishop.

​In Bishop’s case, as you know, it’s hard to be a dealer.
The moorungs can also be a bit difficult to navigate towards higher floors.
But Bishop, he’s not in a dealer position.
What I felt during my challenge to Lucid was that I found Bishop as if he were a princess. 🙂
That’s how rare the bishop is.
If you have a level, you often take the Duke right away without looking at him, so he ranked fourth.
I’d appreciate it if you could give the bishop’s head just once.

5th place: Ho Young

​In Ho-young’s case, it was released this summer vacation. It hasn’t been so long since it was updated,
Before we can recommend Maple Story jobs, we need to wait and see.
But it’s hard to ignore the fact that the average person has a good deal.
I don’t think I’ve made a big hit yet, but I think I’m going to catch up with more than a flat hit.
It’s been flying a lot since I transferred more than 200 points. If you’re under 4th grade, please cheer up.

6th place: Phantom

​Phantom is also receiving good reviews like Bishop. Especially in Lucid, it’s an art to deal with junk food.
There was a time when Phantom had a bad reputation.
We’ve survived those days in silence. Many users are choosing these days.
The biggest advantage is that you are free to use the adventurer’s skills.
Besides this part, there are a lot of skills that can be used by Phantom itself. It’ll be fun if you try it.

7th place: Angel-in-buster

​If you think I’m going to do something good for DPM, I don’t have to worry about it.
In the case of Angelic Buster, we’ve been keeping the No. 1 spot at DPM for a long time.
So, at the same time, there is a lot of controversy, but the fact that Enver is strong seems to be a fact.
In the case of Enver, you need some control because you don’t use MPs and you need to see the timing of your skill.
But it’s not hard, and if you play more than 3 to 4 episodes, you’ll naturally get used to it.
It’s a good idea to play the Angelic Buster with some equipment, like a Night Road.

Bunun: Luminus

​This is Luminus that I’ve been raising as a main character for a long time. For Luminus, it seems to be a steady step.
There have been several balance updates.
In case of Luminus, it doesn’t go down much or up much. It’s a similar move.
Actually, as a Luminus user, I just want you to save some mobility, like a jumper.
Although he’s not very reputable, I’ve literally introduced him as the main character of the author Jumbled.

As for Luminus, the distribution rate of the users is low, so there are fewer video clips of catching boss monsters.
Lucid has been trying hard lately, so I’m going to link him to a video.
If you look at this video, I want you to fall in love with Luminus. Haha
The advantage of Luminus is that light and darkness change, so it is quite voluminous fun.
The downside is that the attack speed is very slow, and the mobility is a little frustrating.
However, in the Equalization Appsol state, jumpers are also available quickly and lightly.

This part is full of subjective attacks and opinions from the publisher.
I think it would be good to have a healthy discussion through comments. 🙂
What is your job ranking for Maple Story?
If you could just say the 1st place lightly, or if you could leave comments up to 3rd place, I’d appreciate it!
Now, I’m going to end by looking forward to another update on winter vacation.

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