Maple Story Phantom Skill Spinning Recommendations, Let’s take a look at the skill tree!

One of the legends of Maple Story, BJ Pang, is back.
With this effect, I hope that the old Maple days will come again. (That’s still a popular game.)
Anyway, what we’re going to look at today is the Phantom of the Hero Job.
He’s been a hero for a long time since he was released in the new profession.
Depending on how you play the Phantom Skills, the way you nurture it is completely different.
So today’s target that I’m going to look at is the universal route that the most users are recommending.













Primary: Cardinel Dispatch (passfinder), Heist (stolen), Dark Site (stolen), Magic Guard (magician)

Then, let’s start with the first step. What kind of occupation should an adventurer do in the first round, and it’s rumored that he did well?
Many of you are showing the above choices.
In the first round, you have to hunt with double piercing, but the range is short and the speed of the hunt is stuffy.
So we can take away the Pathfinder’s Cardinel Dispatch, and hunt can play much faster.
In the case of the bandit’s Hayst, it has greatly increased the mobility of the character from a very long time ago
It’s a good mobility, which also speeds up monsters’ hunting speed.
You shouldn’t think that it’s only for the first round. After the second, third, fourth, hyper, and fifth, heist is very useful.
And dark sites can stay true from the adventurer bandits, too.
It’s able to make the character transparent, so it can send out enemy attacks.
For non-capitalized users, they often use it depending on the situation.
Finally, magic guards can still be held from the wizard, as much as they use MPs instead of HP when shooting at monsters.
It has the advantage of being able to overcome some of the weak points of physical strength.

2nd: anger ( warrior, hero), hill (magician, bishop), bliss (magician, bishop)

In fact, even if you took off your anger during the second round, you’ve succeeded. Generally, it is important to raise the ball.
There’s nothing like anger in the second round.
And I think the heel is a typical way to reduce the value of the motion, and I think you can recover HP with a single shortcut.
And finally, when you can’t take your anger out, you’re considered the next choice.
However, compared to anger only boosting offense, Bliss is also useful because she can increase the number of her abilities with party members.

3rd: Cross-over chain (transcription, dark night), holistic ball (magician, bishop), Arrow platter (total, bowmaster)

​In the third round, it’s also important to raise the damage directly.
Dark Knight is raising the final damage with a cross-over chain, so you can take it away.
Bishop’s holistic ball is the most important thing to do with the Maple Story Phantom skill because it increases your acquisition experience.
I could take another one, but I’d rather be Bowmaster’s Arrow Platter.
We can make hunting more efficient, so many people recommend it.

Fourth: Final cut (the bandit, the dual-blade), the fascillade (the pirate, the captain)

​The fourth round is finally here. In the fourth round, we only took two cars, which is a bit disappointing, but let’s make a final cut for one of them.
It’s a very powerful attack, and we can increase our firepower as a dealer.
This increases the final damage significantly, allowing for increased push at once.
If you want to complete the hunt a little more efficiently, I think taking Captain’s Percillade is also a good option.
In fact, the fourth round is very liberal. You can play the Phantom skill you want to do.

Hyper: Bulls Eye (Gungsu, Shingung), Sacrosanti (War, Paladine)

​I think it’s great to be able to take away Hyper. Indeed, adventurers want to see Phantom and run away.
In the case of Bulls, it increases the character’s critical probability and massages – not only that, but also the defense and the massages. It’s just all the way up!
Of course, I think it’s a hyper you can’t help but be coveted. 🙂
If you see Paladine’s Sacrosanti, you should take it away boldly, because it puts you in an invincible state
I think you can send me the dark sites of the bandits that you still had during the first round.

Just to give you a tip, don’t be too hard on the adventurers.
If you go to a place where many users are gathered, you can find it relatively easily. For example, Hennesses 1 channel?
Or a door to Jacum, where you can enter relatively early!!
If the level is a certain level, then… The place where Karuta comes out? a sudden forget of one’s name It’s good there, too.
Let’s move on to the second part. Let’s take on Maple Story Phantom Skills.
I feel like I’m writing two posts in a row.

Primary: Double piercing 1 ≫ Swift phantom M ≫ Talent of Phantom 1 M ≫ Double piercing M ≫ Quick eBay M

​For the Phantom Skilltree 1st, we’ve got the double piercing up.
If I’m going to focus on the attack that I’ve written, I’m going to take away the passfinder’s Cardinel Dispatch.
So, you can still hunt for the Pathfinder
And increase mobility~ Actually, the most important thing in the first round is to find the passfinder well or not?

Secondary: Call of Pate 1 ≫ Kane Masterly 5 ≫ Kane Booster 6 ≫ Kane Masterly M ≫ Kane Booster M ≫ Blanc Cart M
≫ Rugging Monopoly M 런트 Talent of Phantom 2 M 오브 Call of Pate M ≫ Brise Cart M

​If you are bothered by the Key Master and the Kane Booster order, you can simply master one by one.
In the old days, to speed up the attack even more, we had to shoot the booster in the right amount and then raise the
But these days, you can master it right away because it’s so fast on the low level.
And we used to hunt a lot in the old days.
These days, I get a one-kilo cut if I set the items to a certain extent, so I don’t have to use a lot of Brise Cartes.

Third: Court of Arms 1 ≫ Accut Sense M ≫ Door Light M 텀 Talent of Phantom 3 M
≫ Flash & Fly M ≫ M ≫ Court of Arms M ≫ Luck of Phantom M ≫ Phantom Charge M

​During the third hunt, if you saw the user early, you’d take away Holy Simball first.
You may master it early. In the case of Hollisimball, you can increase your experience.
But before the Master, the increase is not significant.
It’s also a good idea to make the monsters’ circle cut through Accut Sense or Moon Light.
And it’s okay to take a picture of him in the beginning.

Fourth: Ultimate Drive 1 ≫ Tempest of Card 1 ≫ Twilight 1 ≫ Kane Xpert M ≫ Talent of Phantom 4 M
≫ Frey of Aria M. ≫ Maple Warrior M. 스틸 Soul Steel M. ≫ Nwar Kart M
≫ Ultimate Drive M ≫ Tempest of Cards M ≫ Twilight M ≫ Sense M

​We’re up to the fourth round of the last skill tree. The 4th part is not difficult. Please film it properly and upload it.
Can you increase the damage through the Kane Xpertra or the Frey of Aria?
If you’re going to use the will of a messenger or a messenger, take a picture while watching the right timing.
Neuer Cartes felt quite useful in hunting and bossing.

I’ve been sitting in a computer chair for a long time, and I’ve written a target.
I’m sure it’s a unique job. I’ve been hunting for posts for the first time in a long time.
It’s been a while since I came in. I think it’s hard to control.
Since there are so many buffs, I think it would be good to manage these things efficiently.
Then, take a picture of over 200 level, up to 250, 275 MALP. Thank you.

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