The new game is finally open! describe mobile martial arts games as art

Gumkhyeop, a Korean traditional folk song that was considered a highly anticipated second half of 2019, and legend Jjamppong, officially launched on September 30.
It’s a new game that finally came out, as we went through the pre-booking process and the CBT step by step.
What I felt when I was playing this game is that it’s not just a smartphone platform, it’s not just a console.
I think I’ll be loved as a popular movie because I’ve revealed the fun and charm that I’m going to have.
The atmosphere at the beginning of the launch was very successful. Let’s take a look at the first day’s post.

Having a lot of jobs to choose from is a personal preference because it gives you that much action diversity.
When I first created my character, I gave him a happy thought for a while.
And I think it’s the beginning of a mobile martial arts game, starting with imagining what kind of battles each profession will show off.
Whatever profession you choose, it’s impressive to be able to choose gender and body type.
Especially after thinking about it, I completed my first birth as an angel girl.

As I expected, the character’s custom can be followed by job selection.
The character that I’m going to foster will only become more attached if I decorate it myself.
The reason why I was born as a girl is because I wanted to play like a hidden prodigy.
So, through Custom, I’m going to show you my charm. I’m going to show you my strength.
But when you’re creating a character, you can only set basic things, and you can actually play in an in-game
As the details such as height, length, and color can be curated once for free.
If you like karma, please refer to the fact that you have to play after you create your characters and show your individuality to your heart.

With my character, I start the tutorial step by step
In order to get into the story, it’s natural to get involved in the story step by step.
In the case of black and white, you get to focus on the tutorial first.
I think this is because the story and the atmosphere are in good harmony.
The three-dimensional production that seems to explore the background has greatly increased the sense of immersion.
A production that falls over a ladder or watches the enemy move on a hill? It reminds me of a movie-like structure.

Especially, this voluminous story can be seen in battle against an enemy with a certain weight.
Touch-and-touch to fit the timing, leading to dynamic motion.
With these various attempts, I could feel many unique aspects of the story and the fun of the battle.
I’ve never seen a new game like this before. 🙂
I’m fighting on top of it. I’m wearing the enemy’s dubbing. I’m getting more and more into the atmosphere.

After we finished talking about the beginning of the Gukhyeop, we started to enjoy playing in earnest.
In my case, I made a reservation last time, and as a reward, I had a retro cat (7 days), two jewelry boxes, and 20 Cheon Kyun
Two roses, two dungapoks, and a million silver coins were paid. 🙂
For those of you who’ve developed characters, you know, they’re really well paid for this kind of advance booking.
For Bokgo, she’s a very unique genius, but she’s so cute when she runs. lol
Please note that the pre-booking reward is already paid by mail, not by entering coupons.

In the case of fungi, this material is used to reinforce equipment items.
As for items of equipment, it’s the most basic way to boost combat power, so it’s worth a lot of weight.
In case of a million silver coins, you can use them in many ways while cultivating them.
Other than that, roses that can be given to a friend to enhance intimacy, dungapok that can be transformed into a small animal for 10 minutes, etc
From the beginning, I feel better because I feel better than other users. ᄒᄒ Good job of making a reservation in advance.

In the case of the Angel I chose, the skills were usually explosive.
I can feel the coolness of the action. I personally wanted to compliment you on your choice.
(At the same time, the Heavenly Man is so funny…… Other occupations also make me wonder what kind of personality they will show.)
I think it’s a good level of maneuverability.
Skills are generally high in esteem, so I think their ability to survive in the future is also an expected job.

For your information, if you go into the character’s skill window, you can see the skills currently being installed and the ones not in place.
So each job has seven skills, plus 21 other attributes.
Depending on the user’s preferred combat style, they are free to fight in combination.
There are 85 different kinds of incubation methods, such as those specialized in boss lads, and those specialized in Korea
So I’ve been thinking about finding my own skill strategy through a variety of combinations.

In the case of the angel I play, I think it would be a good way to make the dealer more attractive.
Jeong Se-hwa’s ‘Dunjin’, non-Hong-yeong’s ‘Go Hong’, Song-honje’s ‘Jungchang’ and Tal-Hyun’s ‘Guido’ were completed.
Or, “Hwanshinyeong,” Jeong Se-hwa, “Bunjin,” Songhonje, “Jungchang,” and “Gohong” are some of the most popular skills.
In case of resource recovery, we treat it as de-marriage.
I think saving a mobile battle with a cool-time 0 second skill can help improve the style of the heavenly man.

I think finding the best fit for me is also to participate in a variety of battles.
I mean, you’re going to enter the Old Main, a dungeon to raise the force.
Whether it’s a fun party play in a library where up to 15 users can collaborate and enjoy it,
Also, there are a variety of battle contents such as Baekhodang which can feel the appeal of PvP and PvE at the same time.
Of these new games, the most interesting thing about mobile martial arts games is, I think it’s clear.

So with the angel that I created, I’m pushing the story.
If it’s a genre of mobile martial arts, I think the background should be high-quality.
I think visual entertainment is a big factor that determines the mood.
You can cross the sky from the background of high quality to the light air. You can also create a fresh scenario.
I think I have no choice but to get caught up in it. Depending on how you touch the screen, you can zoom in and out at various angles.
I was able to look at the background, so it became my main job to observe and appreciate every time I moved the map.

So, I wanted to leave more pictures with more pictures.
I happened to have a custom coupon in my bag. As I said earlier, everyone has a free custom for one-time custom.
I can change it, so I can take care of my appearance again.
The chin height of the face is adjusted a little more naturally, and the thickness of the eyebrows is also somewhat thick.
I think the character I want has come into being because I’m curious in detail. Isn’t it cute?
So I’m going to decorate my character with my own personality, and then I’m not just going to listen to it by myself.
Because you can participate in various contents and enjoy them. I think it’s more meaningful.

In addition, you can find a small part of the fun.
For example, you can play with a nice view behind you.
Dance that is popular these days and make interesting memories with friends and so on.
I whistled this time, and a hawk came to me. I was surprised for a moment.
I think it’s bigger than my character, so I felt a lot of pressure.

There are various events going on to celebrate the opening. Hide-and-seek events, dance moves to celebrate the launch,
There are a lot of events going on, such as ice age, hot time access, attacking king, boasting beauty, etc.
You can easily check it out at the official cafe
I’m traveling around Imanseong to participate in the event. Lucky! A huge fireworks display was held in the central square. 🙂
I took some pictures because I liked the atmosphere that made me feel warm.
You can open a treasure box around you and get an item. I think it’s a great event.

And by October 10, you can use the stones of your wish to make a wish and then earn a reward.
When you start to originate, you can see various compensation items on the wishboard.
There are so many valuable items that I want to have just watching. lol
I participated in the event with a strong heart.
As a reward, you can get iron oaks and rare tattoos. I think it will make you excited to wish for fun

And by the way, I’m still listening to the sound of the firecrackers being held in the central square of Imanseong.
I wrote the posting. I’ve already made some friends, and we’ve been having parties and hunting together.
I think it’s a fun MMORPG because it’s a natural connection. 🙂
If we continue to enjoy the story and raise the level further, I think we’ll have a lot more rich contents.
I think I’ll spend the night playing ‘Kung-hyeop and Legend’.
If you play while participating in the event, you’ll be able to enjoy a refreshing atmosphere.

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