Recommend the latest mobile game Myr’s legend 2 Ergain’s sensibility

Last week, on August 27, Myr’s Legend 2 Again was officially opened with considerable attention. Did you miss the memories? Since the first day of the opening, many users have gathered. 🙂 Famous strippers & BJs also jumped into character-building, and I think the formal opening was a success. In general, the user’s reaction was…

The new mobile game advertised by Ha Jung-woo, The Rise of Kings honest review!

just came across a short commercial. Actor Ha Jung-woo came out and asked a funny question. “The heroes that rocked history. What if we go to war here? Aren’t you curious who’s going to win?” It’s a question of Ha Jung-woo, who might have just laughed and passed by, but it’s also a strange curiosity….

Will it be a mobile action RPG legend? St. Seas: Attention, all of us!

St.S.E.: When the teaser for Awakening opened last month, I think I had a lot of excitement on my blog. So now that I think about it, I’m sure you didn’t write it without a clue. Anyway, come back to the subject, September 27, 2019, the one thing that was mentioned on the teaser page….

Welcome to Epic Seven Update, to Witchhaven and Lilias!

Epic Seven seems to be a popular mobile game. Even if you take a break and come back, you don’t feel awkward. It’s Epic Seven. Each character is given a unique charm. It’s an inspiration to users. And it’s a constant update that always brings us new fun. These days, a lot of users say…

The new game is finally open! describe mobile martial arts games as art

Gumkhyeop, a Korean traditional folk song that was considered a highly anticipated second half of 2019, and legend Jjamppong, officially launched on September 30. It’s a new game that finally came out, as we went through the pre-booking process and the CBT step by step. What I felt when I was playing this game is…

Game review with plenty of Finalslaid strategy!

There’s a new RPG that’s been playing a pretty good game lately, and that’s Final Rade. I didn’t know the information in the dictionary, but I learned it when I started getting word of mouth among gamers after the launch. From the beginning of the play, I was pleased with the emergence of various characters….

MapleStory Suncall Skilltree Fifth, Hyper all in!

Maple Story Suncall has been keeping a popular job for quite a long time. Although I was not impressed with this balance update, both hunting and boss have been well-received. Because you’re an adventurer’s professional group, you can share cache items with other I expect that we will maintain the top job ranking unless we…